NVirotech is a dedicated environmental protection equipment research and development, professional production bolted steel storage tanks manufacturers. We has advanced bolted steel storage tanks production technology and professional production lines, we can also provide the customer professional consultation & reactor design.

NVirotech have 20 years of GFS/GLS tank experience, Nowdays, over 7000 bolted steel storage tanks were installed, our tanks not only lead Chinese market, but also export to European,Middle East,Asia and Africa.enjoyed good feedback and repution from our customer.

enamel assembled tank case

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks Case

Here are our part Bolted Steel Storage Tanks cases in China and the global countries , through these cases you will see how we help customers reduce costs, improve profits...

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waste water storage tank

waste water storage tank

Enamel waste water storage tank is acid resistant, alkali resistant, impervious, no leakage, is the most advanced anti-corrosion tank products. NVirotek porcelain pot has a high mechanical strength of the porcelain layer than that of the porcelain enamel layer of the daily porcelain ware, which is 4-5 times higher...

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