waste water tank

waste water tank

Enamel water tank is acid resistant, alkali resistant, impervious, no leakage, is the most advanced anti-corrosion tank products. The N-Virotek porcelain pot has a high mechanical strength of the porcelain layer than that of the porcelain enamel layer of the daily porcelain ware, which is 4 to 5 times higher, and the water quality standard and the food hygiene standard in the regulations
hotel / hotel, residential areas and other public buildings, food processing two water supply, water storage box, can be designed according to actual needs

Enamel water tank description

what is enamel water tank ?

enamel water tank uses the HSC series as the glaze surface glaze and glaze enameling in Delta 2- delta 5 plate, a new water tank plate after firing after assembled.

Assembly type enamel steel water tank with advanced technology, high-quality materials, high temperature sintering enamel, so the water surface to form a dense layer of glaze, and mutual penetration between the plate interface ions, mixed to form a diffusion layer thickness of about 200-300 microns, increase the adhesion strength of enamel surface. The ceramic surface is smooth, easy to clean, and corrosion resistance, steel plate assembly structure, not easy to deformation, strong earthquake resistance, impact resistance, widely used by long time, showed good results and users users.

enamel water tank of box

Enamel water tank parameter

  • Coating thickness: 0.25~0.45mm,both side coating.
  • acid-alkali resistance: pH:3~11 for standardized thickness。
  • special coating:pH around 1~14。
  • adhesion: 3,450 N/cm
  • elastic :nearly the same as steel substrate,about 500 kN/mm
  • hardness: 6.0(morse)
  • working life: ≥30 years
  • The scene of enamel water tank

    N-Virotek enamel water tank

  • 1 enamel tank clean, white and beautiful, to ensure water quality is not contaminated;
  • 2 strong and durable, the four plates are connected with a reinforced plate and stainless steel bars to enhance the stability and stability of the assembled enamel tank;
  • 3 assembly site assembly, convenient, fast, flexible and adaptable;
  • 4 shock resistance, good seismic performance, long service life;
  • 5 acid, alkali, corrosion resistance;
  • 6 no leakage, no leakage, good sealing performance;
  • 7 storage of hot water is better than other water tanks (hot glue strip);
  • 8 enamel water tank inside smooth, easy to clean.
  • Enamel water tank case

    Enamel water tank application at hotel

    Our enamel water storage tanks are widely used in various types of buildings, such as hotels, office buildings, factories, water supply, water supply, etc.. There are thousands of project examples

    Enamel water tank case

    Enamel water tank FAQ

    Q:How about this Enamel water tank price?

    A:We are Enamel water tank manufactory, and we can give you lower price than those trade companies. we also provide you customized services according to clients' practical requirements,and it is free!

    Q:How about the quality Enamel water tank?

    A: We are a manufacturer having over 24 years’ experience in stone processing machinery.our products are strictly made by adopting advanced technology both at home and abroad. Every aspect of our products is under strict quality control and we take a test on each equipment before delivery.


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