Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

What is Bolted Steel Storage Tanks?

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks is made of customized Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS & GLS) with high corrosibility. With bolts for site installation, it is the optimal choice for large-scale storage and silo.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks has innovated on material, anti-corrosion technology and fast installation. With longest service life, lowest cost and shortest construction period, it has been considered as the optimal storage method in each industries.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Why Bolted Steel Storage Tanks so durable?

Our Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS & GLS) is durable since specialized steel, whose Si and Mn content is 40% higher than the ordinary steel, and unique techniques are applied under high temperature of 800℃. In that case, high-inert and anticorrosive enamel layer is fused at the two sides of the steel. The expansion factors are consistent. With features of high Inertia, resistance to corrosion, oxidation resistance, smooth surface without viscidity, high abrasion performance, high mar resistance and antibacterial ability, its normal service life can reach to more than 30 years.

Glass Fused to Steel

how Bolted Steel Storage Tanks use 30 years?

Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS), also known as Glass-Lined-Steel (GLS), is the main part of Bolted Steel Storage Tanks. Its service life is more than 30 years. You can continue to use the tank only after replacing sealing rubber and bolt.

Our Bolted Steel Storage Tanks has verified by ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System and is designed under rules of AWWA. We have more than 5000 construction projects worldwide. These tanks are durable in various severe environment.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks use

How to convert the Steel to Bolted Tank?

Bolted Steel Tanks installation time is pretty short, which occupies only 1/3 of that of welding tank and concrete tank. Although in bad weather and complex construction site, the installation time will not be prolonged.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks inversion (assembling from the bottom to the top in sequence) is adopted after the modules are transported to the site. Since there is no aloft work, the installation speed can be fast and the construction safety can also be guaranteed.

Each layers of Bolted Steel Storage Tanks should be conducted by the 4 steps below: gluing, assembly, fastening the bolt and scraping on seam.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks convert

Gluing: The bolt holes should be fulfilled (sealing ring should spill up when fastening the bolt). Pay attention to install it as fast as possible to avoid vulcanization on its surface.

Assembly: Please tighten the bolting nut of the GFS and keep the steels clean.

Bolt: Bolts between the GFS should be fastened by foundation stirrup.

Scraping on seam: Scrape the spilled glue between the bolt and seam so as to keep the tanks artistic. The assembly should be conducted layer by layer after the glue is solid.

Note: The tanks are installed against the ground. Before assembly, the bottom center of gravity should coincide with the center of the tank.

Comparison of Enamel Assembly Tank, Carbon Steel Welding Tank and Concrete Tank (1000m2 without Cover)

Enamel assembly tankCarbon steel welding tankConcrete tank
Construction period7 days20 days25 days
ComplexityEasy, assembly typeComplex, welding typeVery complex, cast-in-situ
Whether can be disassembledYesNoNo
MaintenanceFree from maintenanceRegular anticorrosionNot free from maintenance
AppearanceNice lookingBad appearance after rustGeneral looking

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks Fast installation

why Bolted Steel Storage Tanks?

Why Bolted Steel Storage Tanks is so durable?

GFS Bolted Steel Ordinary ceramic glaze can exist in PH value of 3-11, and the special ones can exist in PH value of 1-14. It can be stable in -40℃~800℃ for all the year around. Modulation production in factories, more than 30-year service life, no need for rust and corrosion proof can save the investment on later labor and materials.

Special notes:GFS Bolted Steel is forbidden to store medium such as fluorine, which can react with glass.

Fast installation, lower project cost and accessible dilatation and transfer

The industrialization can reduce the investment, achieve rapid and simple installation, avoid uncontrollable factor, save civil engineering expenses, save rental fee and labor cost.

Unlike carbon steel tank, the Bolted Steel Storage Tanks can be used for lifelong time without rust removal or corrosion prevention. You can enlarge the tank capacity or transfer it according to site conditions. It is the best choice for short term project since it can be reused, transferred, expanded and recycled after replacing a small quantity of bolts or sealing glue.

With good overall appearance, Bolted Steel Storage Tanks can not only reduce the lost but perfect the engineering image.

Next is the contrast diagram of 2000m3 Bolted Steel Storage Tanks.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks Comparison

where Bolted Steel Storage Tanks cases?

Next are parts of our project schemes. Welcome to consult us for more free schemes.

The current successful industrial schemes are shown as below :

Treatment of drinking water and sewage storage :

Various process water such as drinking water, fire water, demineralized water, reverse osmosis water, RO water and brine

Bolted wastewater storage tank

Storage of crude oil and slurry :

Crude oil, fuel oil, diesel oil, aviation oil, kerosene, drilling mud, biogas fluid, etc. can be widely used as mud tank cement storage tank and food storage tank.

CoStorage of industrial dry bulk cargo :

al storage tanks, fly ash silo, minerals, chemicals, food, wood products, petrochemicals, plastics, stones, clay, glass, mining, grains and seeds, etc.

Bolted Steel oil Storage Tanks

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