biogas assembled tank

biogas assembled tank

Biogas assembled tank is also known as biogas reactor tank, which is a new type biogas reactor tank, which is composed of a porcelain enamel assembled steel plate, and the service life of the methane tank can be up to 30 years. It has been used to make hundreds of biogas engineering reactor tank.
1) Biogas assembled tank is the integration of a fully mixed anaerobic digestion process and the formation of a combination of double membrane airbag.
2)biogas reactor tank is suitable for high concentration (TS%=8%-12%) of feed ingredients, at the bottom of the reactor, the tank is provided with a stirring, when the substrate is not sufficient to become the limiting factor of gas production rate, the appropriate stirring CSTR reactor can make full contact with the microbial fermentation substrate
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biogas assembled tank description

what is biogas assembled tank?

biogas assembled tank is mainly methane tank reactor, the tank material is made of high technology, low cost way to quickly assembled in the field, composed of anaerobic reactor equipment sets, so that the main biogas engineering equipment to advanced technology, reasonable preparation, excellent performance, good corrosion resistance, convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance effect.

biogas reactor tank

biogas assembled tank used in the enamel layer of prefabricated steel plate with high anticorrosion grade with bolted assembly, bolted with special leakproof sealing material, the formation of the protective layer of prefabricated steel can not only prevent the tank corrosion, but also has the function of anti acid.

Assembly Biogas Anaerobic Digester Tank

biogas enamel assembly tank has been successfully applied to the biogas project of sewage treatment works and biomass, and received wide recognition and praise, similar foreign products reach the level of the same period, with a high price competitive advantage.

biogas assembled tank reactor

biogas assembled tank reactor is a combination of a fully mixed anaerobic digestion process and a double-layer membrane air bag. The reactor is alternately stationary and mixing state of biogas slurry feeding pipe overflow from the upper part of the reactor, biogas is periodically discharged from the bottom of the reactor.

biogas assembled tank installation

biogas assembled tank has the low cost way to quickly assembled in the field, composed of anaerobic reactor equipment sets, so that the main biogas engineering equipment to advanced technology.

biogas assembled tank price

Biogas assembled tank case

Biogas power generation project of ten thousand cubic meters per day

biogas assembled tank case

  • (1) project profile
  • 1 construction location: Dezhou, Shandong
  • 2 construction time: October 2014 construction;
  • 3 raw material: cow dung;
  • 4 daily output: 10000 m3;
  • 5 biogas use: power generation, configuration 2*500kW group.
  • (2) project characteristics
  • 1 pretreatment of raw material concentration process, dilute water reuse;
  • 2 biological desulfurization process;
  • 3 automatic remote control;
  • 4 waste heat recovery.
  • biogas assembled tank biogas for research demonstration project

    biogas assembled tank application

  • (1) project profile
  • 1 construction site: Hebei, China Agricultural Science and technology demonstration park, Zhuozhou;
  • 2 construction time: May 2013 construction;
  • 3 kinds of raw materials: pig manure + corn straw;
  • 4 daily output: 5000 m3;
  • 5 biogas use: purification vehicle.
  • (2) the characteristics of this project
  • 1 this project is a pilot platform for biogas project of Ministry of agriculture to industrialization;
  • 2 the raw materials were tested by different ratio of livestock manure and corn straw;
  • 3 using biological desulfurization technology;
  • 4 introduction of New Zealand high pressure washing decarbonization purification technology;The production of solid particles and 5 biogas fertilizer.
  • enamel assembled tank FAQ

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