Food storage tank

Food storage tank

Food storage tank is mobile recycling, expanded truss used food storage tank,food storage tank with traditional food cans by 35% - 50% of the price advantage, the service life of more than 30 years!
Food storage tank is suitable for storage of dry bulk material,such as grain, seed, feed, plastic, cement, coal and other granular, powder material. Used for grain, flour mills, grain rice, grease factory, malt, breweries, port, farming, food processing center, coal mines and other units, as the primary storage warehouse, temporarily inch warehouse, silo, raw material warehouse, grain reserves and other uses

Food storage tank description

what is Food storage tank?

Food storage tank mainly used to keep crude grain and feed various dry powder material storage silo, according to the concrete, can design different ventilation and sealing to ensure better grain storage, grain quality, and easy access to storage tank, convenient transportation;

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  • 1、insulation
  • The grain temperature gradient in the barn is lower than that of the outside of the warehouse, which is effective in heat insulation and not easy to condensation.

  • 2, safe storage
  • The utility model has the advantages of low temperature grain storage, stability and quality of grain storage, and safe storage time.

  • 3, low cost and short construction cycle
  • Compared with the concrete silo, the insulation chamber is installed on the outer wall of the silo, which has the advantages of low cost and short construction period.

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    Food storage tank parameter

  • Coating thickness: 0.25~0.45mm,both side coating.
  • acid-alkali resistance: pH:3~11 for standardized thickness
  • special coating:pH around 1~14
  • adhesion: 3,450 N/cm
  • elastic :nearly the same as steel substrate,about 500 kN/mm
  • hardness: 6.0(morse)
  • working life: ≥30 years
  • N-Virotek Food storage tank

    1 basic techniques: wedge wedge force booster based wedge force pressurizing principle design to adapt the construction in different geological conditions in the enterprise.

    2 the shape and size of the structure: large steel warehouse belongs to the large thin-walled container, the height to diameter ratio of about 1:1. The chamber is cylindrical, top round spherical top positions. The silo wall is welded by steel plate (lap welding) and semi-circular; the segment shaped roof, through the design of composite structure type steel and multiple arch beams, formed a unique architectural structure, the reasonable construction structure of the dome has a reliable bearing capacity.

    N-Virotek Food storage tank

    3 material: material warehousing transportation warehousing according to the requirements of Party A by way of pipes or mechanical transmission. The feeding mode is used to feed the center of the top of the reservoir.

    4 the principle and explanation of the steel plate storehouse discharging:

    The discharge corridor is determined according to the size of the diameter of the base body, the material is filled with steel silo first according to the needs, requirements which part began to open the discharge valve, make the material flow smoothly in the dual role of force and the gravity of the.

    5 material pressure evenly distributed in the steel base plate, the pressure transferred to the ground through the library floor, realize the pre pressure bearing, bearing capacity of foundation can meet the requirements of different base plate, filler for light pressure resistant material;

    6: the bottom filler is arranged on the fluidization device, the fluidizing device each independent unit can realize the peripheral flow device with material replacement; unloading, transportation using blower or air compressor air supply, fluidizing device inflated by gravity angle, material smoothly unloaded to the corridor in the conveying device; transported by pneumatic conveying of materials to achieve dense or dilute material, can be divided into grid round by adjusting the base band frequency controller to achieve the ability of the material conveying, the whole system can realize the automatic control and local centralized control. This technique uses gravity unloading and pneumatic unloading and conveying technology characteristics of the combination of the double, in the inflated condition, using gravity discharge material high material conveying, low material level when using the fluidization device will loose material self discharging port, discharging the material transfer in by using gravity, greatly saves energy, reduces energy consumption; blower unloading and conveying air each equipped with a low pressure, low volume, without any operation of the equipment in the storage, reduce maintenance cost;

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    7: stable operation is easy to realize automation: discharge uniform stability, there will be no pumping, partial material, material phenomenon. In order to ensure the safe use of steel plate, and easy to achieve automatic control. Automatic control cabinet with local manual, local automatic, and computer distributed control.

    8: low gas consumption: because the warehouse uses a gas fluidization discharge, gas homogenization, the gas out of the integration of the design concept, that is, the principle of multi use, can save a lot of gas. 9: the quality of material preservation effect: with the extension of the storage period increased the bulk density of the material. Material in the large steel warehouse wall close to the air, vacuum storage. This sealing effect is much better than brick, stone, concrete structure of the warehouse body is much better, bagged materials can not be compared.

    Food storage tank case

    Food storage tank used in Heilongjiang granary

    Dry Food storage tank

    Our food storage tanks are widely used in food storage, there are hundreds of project examples

    enamel assembled tank Application in feed storage

    Application in Food storage tank is widely used in the world.Cattle every day to deal with a large number of mixed feed and feed, feed itself after the needs of a variety of mixed to feed cows, so need to be able to quickly and accurately the storage silo feed feed between different weighing, conveying and mixing. Our silo can be quickly and efficiently set up, its enamel anticorrosion and clean, save a lot of labor, improve the mixing effect.

    Food storage tank case

    Food storage tank FAQ

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    A:our food storage tank standard delivery time for Machine is in 25 days,we provide guarantee spare parts ,installation drawing&operation manual,Training and all-around technical guidance for operation,commission and maintenance .If need our engineer to help install oversea,we act within 48working hrs.


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