• biogas from food waste

    2019-09-16 08:02:52Times: (15 Views)

    Biogas from food waste technology is now highly regarded in the world. Using food waste as raw material to produce biogas can not only reduce the pollution and harm caused by food waste to the environment and human beings

  • life of a bolted tank

    2019-09-02 07:53:00Times: (79 Views)

    life of a bolted tank is currently conservatively designed to be 30 years, which takes into account the sealant life, and the steel life will be longer. If 30 years later

  • bio digester tank

    2019-08-23 07:58:20Times: (130 Views)

    bio digester tank , usually refers to anaerobic biological treatment of sludge produced in wastewater treatment. It plays the role of precipitating impurities.

  • gas tank biogas

    2019-08-07 08:10:27Times: (170 Views)

    gas tank biogas is a kind of green environmental protection project, which is designed according to the "four in one" principle, and achieves the perfect combination of gas tank biogas and solar greenhouse

  • assembled water tank

    2019-07-26 08:19:52Times: (187 Views)

    The design parameters of the assembled water tank are formulated according to the relevant provisions of the current Code for Water Supply and Drainage Design of Buildings

  • titanium enamel tank

    2019-07-11 08:19:07Times: (219 Views)

    titanium enamel tank can resist acid, alkali corrosion resistance to PH PH value of 1-14 (standard coating for 3-11), made of the containers can be stored a certain acid alkali liquid,

  • pig food silo

    2019-07-03 08:12:59Times: (300 Views)

    pig food silo is a special building for storing pig food. According to the pig food stacking method in the warehouse, it can be divided into bulk warehouse and packing warehouse

  • bolted storage tank design

    2019-06-24 08:03:29Times: (328 Views)

    >bolted storage tank design is influenced by many factors, such as the material stored, the construction site, the local wind speed, whether in the seismic zone and so on.

  • gls tanker company

    2019-06-11 07:47:30Times: (314 Views)

    gls tanker company have gradually increased in recent years, because the market of gls tanker is growing, NVirotech has 30 years of experience in gls tanker design and production

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