enamel assembled tank

enamel assembled tank

Enamel assembling tank is mainly made of enamel steel plate, self locking bolt and sealing material, and the large storage tank can be fast installation in the field. We are the mainly manufacturer of China enamel assembly tank, we have completed more than 5000 of the enamel assembly tanks, the production and the installation experience of 17 years.
1)Enamel assembling tank rapid installation and greatly saving time. 2) easy to relocation, expansion and recycling for investment 3) can be repeatedly use stable and the anti-corrosion quality strong, suitable for multi environment 4) attractive appearance, cheap maintenance and long service life, 5) climate adaptability in winter construction, 6) can be combined with a variety of techniques, the formation of assembled reactor improve the value added,
suitable for water, oil and dry bulk storage, widely used as biogas reactor, landfill leachate treatment, livestock feces, kitchen garbage and other organic treatment engineering project, sewage, waste water, edible oil and other liquid storage tank,food storage and feed silo

enamel assembled tank description

what is enamel assembled tank?

Enamel assembling technology, using high strength steel with special enamel substrate, the substrate loaded with specialized enamel glaze layer, which for the high inert of corrosion, the module plate made up of standardized packing, transported to the construction site for the rapid and low cost installation, then forming the final completion of the tank or silo.

enamel assembled tank chart

enamel steel plate thickness can reach 20mm, the average thickness of steel plate 3~8mm. The steel surface oil, rust and oxidation, were cleaned with pickling, alkali washing, ball blasting and other pre-treatment process. Then in the furnace through the 900 high temperature, the enamel was coated both inside and outside of the steel plate with 0.3mm enamel materials. There is a strong bond between the enamel coating and the steel plate. Enamel coating not only can prevent the corrosion of the tank, but also has the function of resisting strong acid and alkali. And has a very strong wear resistance.

enameled steel plate

enamel assembled tank parameter

  • coating layer thickness: 0.25~0.45mm,both sides
  • acid-alkali resistance: pH:3~11 for standardized thickness
  • special coating:pH around 1~14
  • adhesion: 3,450 N/cm
  • elastic :nearly the same as steel substrate,about 500 kN/mm
  • hardness: 6.0(morse)
  • working life: ≥30 years
  • enamel assembled tank Intallation

    enamel assembled tank bolted

    the joining together of enamelled steel plates, is made of the steel plate up and down around the lap with self-locking bolt connection form each other. Adit dedicated silicon rubber sealing material embedded in the overlap between the two plate, silicon rubber adit is the rubber after curing. It has the high elasticity, high temperature resistance, and the strone weather resistance, etc. < / p > < p > the surface with water has the self-locking bolt head with plastic package, with a strong corrosion resistance, bolt root has four tenon device, has self-locking function, at the time of water leakage test, can be tighten with water.

    enamel bolted silo

    enamel assembled tank case

    Enamel bottled tank because of its many excellent properties, are widely used in various engineering projects as the main storage tanks,

    enamel assembled tank The Applycation in the Biogas Project

    Biogas enamel assembled tank

    We own independent laboratories to provide customers with different raw materials testing. Even with a brand new project, the lab can provide the feasibility of the fermentation experiment and the analysis of the gas production potential, and provide the reliable material feasibility analysis.

    1. More than 200 biogas plants have been designed and built.

    2. UASB,IC,USR, UBF and CSTR, many kinds of anaerobic reactors.

    3. technology has been developed from the first stage anaerobic reactor to the two stage anaerobic process, and to the present ABDP anaerobic biological multiplication technology.

    4.: fermentation of livestock manure, fibrous raw materials (corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, grass etc.), kitchen waste, industrial production of organic waste and sludge etc.. We provide services to the whole waste process management.

    A-Z anaerobicnaerobic fermentation processing for customers, from purification desulfurization treatment from biogas to CHP comprehensive utilization or purification of compressed into CNG, from biogas slurry storage and utilization management to organic fertilizer production, we not only clean energy producers, is your reliable waste and energy management partners. From waste to energy is just a process of transformation, we are more concerned about how to achieve efficient profits for customers.

    enamel assembled tank The Applycation in the wastewater treatment Project

    enamel assembled tank case

    Over the years has been focused on the treatment of high concentration of waste water, to maximize the uniformity of water distribution, the unique sludge separation design to maximize the interception of anaerobic sludge, anaerobic reactor to ensure efficient and stable operation.

    1. has been successfully used in pharmaceutical, paper, starch, alcohol, fruit juice wastewater and other industries.

    2. successfully provides more than 50 different types of anaerobic reactors for customers in different fields.

    3. can provide USR, UASB, UBF, EGSB and IC and CSTR and other anaerobic reactor.

    4. to develop a variety of different kinds of waste water recycling system for customer selection.

    for aquaculture wastewater with high TS, high COD, high ammonia nitrogen and high phosphorus characteristics, Division I after years of groping summed up the process of high efficiency and low cost, including efficient solid-liquid separation system, anaerobic treatment system and simultaneous nitrification and denitrification technology. Can save the operating costs of more than 60% of the system compared with the traditional process, the technology of anaerobic technology and simultaneous nitrification and denitrification efficiency can reduce the maximum volume of structures, and can save the project cost more than 30%.

    enamel assembled tank FAQ

    Q:How about this enamel assembled tank price?

    A:We are enamel assembled tank manufactory, and we can give you lower price than those trade companies. we also provide you customized services according to clients' practical requirements,and it is free!

    Q:How about the quality enamel assembled tank?

    A:We are a manufacturer having over 10 years’ experience in enamel assembled tank.our products are strictly made by adopting advanced technology both at home and abroad. Every aspect of our products is under strict quality control and we take a test on each equipment before delivery.

    Q:How about your enamel assembled tank After-sale service?

    A:Our Standard delivery time for enamel assembled tank is 25 days,we provide guarantee spare parts ,installation drawing&operation manual,Training and all-around technical guidance for operation,commission and maintenance .If need our engineer to help install oversea,we act within 48working hrs.


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