NVirotech Profile

NVirotech Environmental Protection Co Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production, sales and service in one, now has three large production bases (Zhonghe,Hebei, Beijing, Sakura and Yantai Fushan). The company is headquartered in Shandong Yantai high tech Industrial Development Zone, covers an area of 300 thousand square meters, with 260 thousand square meters of modern green industrial plants, a variety of large and medium-sized metal machining, welding, assembly equipment more than 600 units, more than 2300 employees, with middle and senior management personnel and Engineering technical staff of more than 360 people.

Group has introduced the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia and other countries of advanced technology and technology, the establishment of a world-class production lines and testing bases. Now all the products have passed the ISO9001, CE and GOST international quality system certification, the company produced "NV" machine won the "China famous brand" and "China machine top ten brands" and many other awards. With the scientific management method, the excelsior manufacturing process and the innovative manufacturing concept, the company has grown rapidly to become the production and export base of China's high-level biogas EPC and sewage treatment enamel assembly tank & silo machinery.

production factory

Enamel assembly tank of NV environmental company was awarded the patents:

1, Research and Development of special titanium alloy plate for enamel, break the bottleneck of the hot rolled steel enamel

2, Development of a new formula enamel to fusion steel palte, acid and alkali resistance from B+ directly to a class of international standard;

3, Improve the installation of stirrup angle, from L50 to L100 equilateral angle, improve several times of the strength. 4, Study on the special development of elevator, installation lifting machine etc.;

5, Cooperation in the development of special sealing material, weather proof sealant, temperature range of -40℃~60 ℃;

6, Cooperation in the development of special self-lock bolt.

As the core strategy of technological innovation, the group has established laboratories, biogas research institutes, sewage treatment research institutes and bio new energy equipment research institutes. Group established good cooperation relationships of Chinese Mine Research Institute, Harbin Institute of technology, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and several domestic famous universities and professional institutions from 2004. With sharing of resources and complementary advantages, each other accelerated the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. After long-term technology development and international exchanges, not only the production quality and technology to maintain the international top level, but also the company's products have been widely recognized and praised in the international market. They are exported to the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Iran, South Africa, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Australia, Chile, more than and 120 countries and regions.

Our group business philosophy: customer demand as the center, take customer satisfaction as the goal, is committed to provide the best solutions and turnkey project for the global customer; relying on the advanced new customer service platform, to provide one-stop service with nanny full, whole process, live on line for customers.

Production capacity

  • Chamfering machine

  • Large boring machine

  • Double column vertical lathe

  • Automatic welding machine

  • Data and boring machine

  • Mobile plane

International development

With 3 production bases, NVirotech group has strong production strength. We provide installation service for customers quickly. In the equipment manufacturing has formed a complete and strict quality management system. During the production process, the procurement, quality and the procurement of materials have been strictly controlled to protect the absolute zero defect of raw materials. At the same time, each product on the workshop production needs to conduct a comprehensive inspection test. With excellent equipment quality, we have taken the lead in passing the IS9001:2008 international quality certification in the industry. We have a number of large CNC automatic cutting and welding, 5 meters CNC lathe and has a large 15 meter lathe, guarantee precision machining equipment and excellent appearance quality.

Research and development

Biogas Engineering

We have our own independent biology laboratory, which provides customers with different raw materials testing experiments. The lab can provide fermentable experiments including gas potential analysis and material feasibility analysis to customers.

1. More than 200 biogas plants have designed and built for customers. 2. From UASB to USR, and then to CSTR, a fully mixed anaerobic reactor. 3. From one stage anaerobic reactor to two stage anaerobic process technology and now to anaerobic biological multiplication technology. 4 fermentation materials: livestock manure (pigs, cattle, poultry), fibrous raw materials (corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, grass etc.), kitchen waste, industrial production of organic waste and sludge etc.

We provide services to the whole process of A-Z for customers, collected from the waste management, to anaerobic fermentation processing, purification desulfurization treatment from biogas to CHP comprehensive utilization or purification of compressed into CNG, from biogas slurry storage and utilization management to the production of organic fertilizer. NVirotech group is not only clean energy producers, also is your reliable waste and energy management partners. From waste to energy is just a transformation process, and we are more concerned with the efficient transformation of waste into profit.

High pollutant wastewater anaerobic treatment technology

NVirotech has been focused on high pollutant wastewater, the uniformity of water distribution to ensure maximum, unique slurry separation design to maximize the retention of anaerobic sludge, to ensure the efficient and stable operation of anaerobic reactor.

1. Successfully used in pharmaceutical, paper, starch, alcohol, fruit juice, wastewater and other industries. 2. Successfully providing more than 50 different types of anaerobic reactors for customers in different fields. 3. Providing the USR, UASB, UBF, EGSB, as well as IC and CSTR and other anaerobic reactor. 4. Variety of integrated systems have been developed for customers to choose from.

According to the characteristics of aquaculture wastewater with high TS, high COD, high ammonia nitrogen and high phosphorus, After years of groping summed up the process of high efficiency and low cost, including efficient solid-liquid separation system, anaerobic treatment system and simultaneous nitrification and denitrification technology. Can save the operating costs of more than 60% of the system compared with the traditional process, the technology of anaerobic technology and simultaneous nitrification and denitrification efficiency can reduce the maximum volume of structures, and can save the project cost more than 30%.

International Corporation

Green industry and internationalization have always been our strategic ideas. We strive to bring the most advanced technology, talent and advanced idea into the development of enterprises in the process of development, to provide the most powerful support for our internationalization steps and ensure that our partners access to the world's most suitable products.

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