Glass lining pipe

Glass lining pipe

Glass lining pipe uses water and metal isolation to keep water away from external pollution and keep water quality sanitary. The pipe fittings are not in contact with water, which ingeniously avoids the problem of corrosion.
High pressure resistance:
High pressure strength up to 2MPa
The appearance of Glass lining pipe is reasonable, the inner wall is smooth and clean, and the phenomenon of scaling and rusting is effectively avoided. It is easy to install, easy to use and durable.

Glass lining pipe introduce

Glass lining pipe is a kind of heat exchanger element with corrosion resistance, wear resistance, smooth surface and not easy to accumulate ash.

glass lined pipe suppliers uses low carbon steel tube as matrix, ceramic glaze mixed with new materials, uniformly mixed according to certain scientific formula, coated on the outer surface of steel tube, and then sintered into non-fragmentation, crack-free, acid-alkali corrosion resistance, flue gas erosion resistance, surface at high temperature. Composite pipes with high smoothness, low flow resistance of flue gas and not easy to plug ash.

glass lining pipe picture

Glass lining pipe of us has been widely used in solving the corrosion of heating surface of boiler tail flue, reforming heating surface of flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, and reforming heating surface of various corrosive gas environments.

How to prolong the use time of Glass lining pipe

The using time of Glass lining pipe is directly related to how to maintain it in our daily life. If it is properly maintained, it can be used for a longer time. Here's how to prolong the use time of glass lining pipe.

glass lined pipe installation

  • 1)
  • We need to add lubricating oil regularly to all the important parts in order to avoid inflexibility in operation.

  • 2)
  • Glass lining pipe shell is made of metal, metal materials should be prohibited from contacting with acidic materials, because acidic materials and metal contact will produce hydrogen, prone to ceramic "scale explosion" phenomenon.

  • 3)
  • Check regularly whether there is foreign body in lubricating oil of mechanical seal chamber, and change and deal with it regularly.

  • 4)
  • Any adjustment of the Glass lining pipe must be made at the time of shutdown. If it is adjusted under the condition of connecting the power supply, it may be dangerous.

  • 5)
  • The working temperature of the reaction tank shall not exceed 100 C. If it exceeds, the cooling water shall be poured into the cooler and the jacket of the packing box immediately in order to avoid damage to the sealing parts.

    glass lined pipe fittings

    the basic components of enamel glaze

    The basic composition of enamel glaze can be divided into the following five types:

  • 1)Matrix agent:
  • 40-60% of the total amount of enamel glaze, which is the main component of enamel glaze. There are SiO2, ZrO2、TiO₂ and so on.

  • 2)Flux:
  • Promote the melting of enamel glaze, improve its technological and physicochemical properties. NaO, K2O, B2O3 and so on.

  • 3)Emulsifier:
  • Give the green body good covering ability. TiO₂, ZrO2 , SrO .

  • 4)Adhesive:
  • Make the glaze firmly bond with the body. There are CoO, NiO, CuO, MoO3 and so on.

  • 5)Colorant:
  • The enamel glaze is endowed with various colors to achieve the composition of the decorative effect. CoO, bright blue; CuO, green or red; CrO3, dark green; Fe2O3, ochre red, etc. The amount of this kind of oxide is generally 0.1-2.5%.

    glass lining pipe factory

    Our company produces Glass lining pipe, enamel glaze composition and content are up to international standards, the production of Glass lining pipe durable, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion performance is strong.

    Glass lining pipe shape

    Glass lining pipe have shapes, one is oval glass lining pipe the other is round glass lining pipe.

    oval glass lining pipe

    oval glass lining pipe

  • oval glass lining pipe mains:
  • oval steel tube with reasonable shape according to design.

  • Enamel form:
  • commonly used as external enamel.

  • Performance characteristics:
  • corrosion resistance, wear resistance, smooth surface, not easy to accumulate ash. The heat transfer effect is strong.

    round glass lining pipe

    round glass lining pipe

  • Material composition:
  • Seamless steel pipe and seamless steel pipe are used for external enameling and seamless steel pipe for internal enameling.

  • Enamel forms:
  • external enamel, internal enamel, internal and external enamel, local enamel.

  • Performance characteristics:
  • corrosion resistance, wear resistance, smooth surface, not easy to accumulate ash. The outer enamel flue gas goes out of the pipe, while the inner enamel flue gas goes inside the pipe.

    Glass lining pipe application

    Our Glass lining pipe is very extensive application because of excellent characteristics, especially in the air preheater, air heater, corrosion pipeline, etc.

    glass lining pipe Air Preheater

    glass lining pipe Air Preheater

    Glass lining pipe are widely used in industrial boilers and utility boilers. Low temperature corrosion, ash plugging and wear directly affect the safety and reliability of boilers. Especially when burning high-sulfur and high-ash coal, the problem is more prominent. The air preheater made of glass lining pipe solves these problems.

    Air Preheater of glass lining pipe is not only anti-wear, but also anti-corrosion. Its structure is simple and its service life is more than 70,000 hours. Glass lining pipe Air Preheater can effectively prevent low-temperature corrosion without ash plugging, and withstand the change of temperature at 300 C without porcelain removal. Because of the new structure, single or several heat exchanger tubes can be replaced at will during maintenance.

    glass lining pipe heat exchanger application

    glass lining pipe heat exchanger

    The glass lining pipe heat exchanger made of glass lining pipe has been widely used in petrochemical industry due to its excellent acid and alkali resistance, thermal shock resistance, wear resistance and good thermal conductivity.

    Glass lining pipe heat exchanger can be used as atmospheric tower top condenser, primary distillation tower top condenser, catalytic cracking fractionation tower top cooler, electric desalination water injection heat exchanger and boiler air preheater.

    glass lined pipe dimensions

    Glass lining pipe FAQ

    Q:How about Glass lining pipe price?

    A:We are Glass lining pipe manufactory, and we can give you lower price than those trade companies. we also provide you customized services according to clients' practical requirements,and it is free!

    Q:How about the quality of your Glass lining pipe?

    A: We are Glass lining pipe manufacturer having over 24 years’ experience in Glass lining pipe. our pipe are strictly made by adopting advanced technology both at home and abroad, Every aspect of our products is under strict quality control.


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