Glass Enamel Tank

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Glass Enamel Tank introduce

Glass Enamel Tank is the abbreviation of glass lined reaction tank, glass lined tank, glass lined distilling tank, also called glass lined kettle or glass lined pot. Glass Enamel Tank is glass containing high silica, lining the inner surface of steel container, burning firmly on the metal surface and forming composite material on the metal surface. Therefore, it has the dual advantages of glass stability and metal strength, and is an excellent corrosion resistant equipment.

Glass Enamel Tank

The production of glass Enamel Tank in China uses the most advanced glass enamel equipment in China at present, and develops the high quality and strong corrosion resistant glaze enamel, the temperature digital automatic control device and other enamel equipment manufacture patent method. All the equipments are fired by the electric furnace, and the same specification one furnace is used to make the burning out. The enamel equipment has the characteristics of uniform, non deformation, reliable and stable quality, durable,corrosion-resistant, not easy to collapse, glazed porcelain surface pollution and so on.

In recent years, a new type of glass Enamel Tank, glass lined axial flow agitator, has appeared on the glass lined reactor equipment market. It is an axial flow agitator based on the theory of wing in fluid mechanics, combined with the theory of mixing and reaction engineering. Compared with the existing glass lined reactor, it has the following advantages as the glass lined agitator:

The turnover is large: the blade shape of this type of glass Enamel Tank is carefully designed with special structure, which can provide large turnover. Compared with the data of the impeller type glass lined agitator, in the case of the same diameter and speed of the agitator, the turnover of the axial flow agitator of the glass lined airfoil is about 21% greater than that of the glass enamel agitator, and the power consumption is only about 72% of the impeller agitator. Thus, it can be seen that the new agitator can provide much larger turnover than the impeller agitator in the same power consumption, and can cause much larger body circulation in the glass lined reactor, and it is an ideal axial flow, which is beneficial to the quick mixing of materials in the reactor and the smooth reaction.

The material in the Glass Enamel Tank is properly cut and evenly distributed: the shear of this new glass lining agitator is not very strong, but the material is more evenly distributed in the reaction kettle than in the impeller agitator. If used for crystallization operation, the grain size distribution of the obtained grains is relatively uniform.

Power consumption is small: this new type of glass lined agitator not only has large turnover, but also has low power consumption. The glass lined axial-flow agitator used for glass lined reactor is more uniform, especially for liquid solid suspension, mixed liquid mixture, dispersion of non intersoluble liquid, crystallization, extraction, suspension polymerization, etc., and is also suitable for other operation processes that need large momentum.

bolted powder silos

bolted powder silos

As a matter of fact, the enameling of Glass Enamel Tank is the two concept, namely the spraying of equipment and the firing of equipment. It is the key process of glass lined reactor and other glass lined equipment products, and is also the most important control point of various performance indicators of glass lined equipment. At the same time, there are corresponding auxiliary processes such as acid cleaning of glass lined equipment and sand beating of glass lined equipment. In general, the production process of glass lined equipment, such as glass lined reactor, is made of billet production - polishing - acid washing - pre burning - sand - Coating - burning - test, 8 steps. From the riveting shop to the formed billet of the enamel, the necessary pre - treatment of the steel billet before the enamel is needed to meet the technical requirements in the process of enameling. The good or bad effect of pretreatment directly affects the adherence of enamel and steel plate and the number of times of firing.

Glass Enamel Tank advantage

Glass Enamel Tank such as outfit stainless steel glass lined reactor such as GMP standard is involved in changing varieties, changing batches and frequent use.

In order to avoid the cross infection of the material and cause the change or reaction of the drug components, it is necessary for Yang brother to remove the internal and external dust of the GMP outsourced stainless steel glass enamel equipment, and the cleaning of the adhesive has become an essential and extremely important operation and inspection procedure in the equipment operation. The cleanliness of the equipment required by the GMP standard is defined to be easy to clean and thorough.

This is one of the items that GMP insists on the assessment of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to outsource the stainless steel process on the outer surface of the glass lining equipment such as the glass lining reactor so that it can be cleaned in time.

Food storage tank

Food storage tank

The GMP outsourcing Glass Enamel Tank reactor equipment emphasizes the simplification of the equipment to the concave convex shape. The simplification of the shape design can make the concave, convex, pits and platforms smooth and concise in the routine design of the equipment, reduce the dead angle, and reduce the dust accumulation to the maximum extent, so as to facilitate the cleaning. GMP outsourced stainless steel glass enamel reactor equipment requirements, no direct relationship with the drug production operation, as far as possible design into the built-in, inner Tibetan, so that the equipment is concise and compact.

GMP outsourced stainless steel glass lined glass reactor glass lining structure is the most common in the shape design of the machine. The complex body, the body, the pipeline, the device, and the stainless steel plate are wrapped up to achieve the simple purpose. But we should give full consideration to the requirements of operation, maintenance and other functions, and recommend the duplex structure with easy dismantling as far as possible.

The preheating of Glass Enamel Tank is a necessary process in the production process of glass lined equipment. The prefiring of billet has two main purposes, one is to eliminate the stress produced in the forming process of the billet, and the two is to remove the organic impurities in the billet, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the surface of the billet. Precalcining temperature of glass lined equipment is the key factor, and its temperature value should be close to the firing temperature of bottom glaze.

The preheating temperature is too high and the time is too long, which is unfavorable to the sanding and geometric deformation of billet. Too low pre sintering temperature is not conducive to Glass Enamel Tank, so that the glass lined equipment is towed and burned. Secondly, the atmosphere in the furnace also has a certain effect on the effect of pre fired parts. The results of all oxidation can be achieved by reacting the products and organic compounds in the steel billet with the normal oxidizing atmosphere in the furnace. In oxidizing atmospheres (mainly air), the oil burns can be burned at more than 500 degrees.

enamel assembled tank

enamel assembled tank

If the oxidizing atmosphere in the furnace is insufficient, the organic matter can not be completely oxidized, only partially retorted or partially decomposed, resulting in organic carbonization, thus precipitating dust like carbon particles on the metal billets. Therefore, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient oxidizing atmosphere in the glass lined equipment firing furnace to ensure the quality of Glass Enamel Tank and other glass lined equipment.


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