bolted powder silos

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introduce bolted powder silos

bolted powder silos can use to store foodstuff,it is have many advantage than other Storage mode,today NVirotech introduce bolted powder silos.

bolted powder silos

The strength of enamel steel plate is two times that of ordinary steel plate, and the thickness of commonly used steel plate is 3mm~12mm. The inner and outer surfaces of the steel plate are sprayed with the bottom glaze and the surface glaze. After drying, the steel plate is heated by 900 degrees centigrade to form a 0.3mm thick enamel coating. The enamel coating not only prevents the corrosion of the tank, but also has the function of resisting strong acid, strong alkali, and has very strong wear resistance.

The corrosion resistance of enamel plate is very suitable for application in the field of biogas energy, the splicing between steel plates, the form of steel plate overlapping and self locking bolt connection. The special sealing material is embedded in the overlap between the two plates, which has reached the requirement of fast and low consumption. The tank enamel bolted powder silos can maintain the pressure of 5kpa, and the tank can also be combined with the membrane methane storage cabinet to form an integrated device for fermentation gas production and gas storage.

Customers need to assemble enamel steel plates into 20~3000m3 tanks of different sizes. It is convenient for customers to use. It can be used for sealed storage of gas, liquid and solid in sewage treatment, biogas engineering, grain storage, petrochemical industry and other industries. In biogas projects, assembly tanks are containers for storage and fermentation of various organic substances, such as animal waste, sewage, straw and other fermented raw materials.

Equipment advantages:

1. standardization, series, and wide selection.

2、The quality of modern production and management is guaranteed;

3、Three packages, circular use, service guarantee。

Application scope and application of enamel assembly tank:

1.The bolted powder silos can be used to store the following items: asbestos, bone meal, blood powder, bone milling, calcium chloride, carbon powder, feather, fish food, meat food, malt, milk powder, milk powder, cement, feed, grain, sodium chloride, carbamate, sodium sulfate, wood powder, compressed potato slices, wood, soap, wood, salt. Such as dried fruit, cocoa powder, soybean powder, etc., the enamel can also be used to store all kinds of tanks with corrosive liquids.

2. The enamel assembly can be used for the following purposes: drinking water containers, waste water containers, static filters, steamers, mixing pools, bioreactors, neutralizing reaction containers, wastewater sedimentation tanks, intermediate process grooves, sedimentation tanks, silt tanks, silt receivers, multilayer filters, fermenting tanks, mixing and sedimentation tanks, filter fluids. The receiving tank, the pool, etc. The jar cans and storage tanks have gradually established a credible image in industrial and domestic sewage treatment plants.

3. The physical characteristics of the enamel layer material of the assembling tank: the color of the coating: the standard color is dark green, or according to the user's requirements. Coating thickness: 0.25 to 0.45mm, two coating. Acid resistance basicity: the standard coating is suitable for pH value: 3~11. The application of pH for special coating is: 1~14. Adhesion force: 3450 N/cm elasticity: same as coated steel plate, about 500 kN/mm hardness: 6 (using Mohr hardness tester) service life: more than 30 years.

GLS storage tank for salet

GLS storage tank for salet

4、The applicable range of enamel jar can provide all kinds of water containers for any sewage treatment engineering, biogas engineering, and electric power engineering, including: - combined container - silt collecting pool and its replacement pool - bolted powder silos, regulating pool, desulfurization pool, activated carbon pool - SBR pool, contact oxidation pool - anaerobic UASB, EGSB - marsh gas fermentation tank and biogas gas cabinet - softening tank and desalting tank are processed in the factory because all the auxiliary parts of the enamel assembly can be processed in the factory. The quality can be guaranteed and the installation period of the site is greatly improved.

 bolted powder silos advantage

There are two bolted powder silos advantage for flexible gas holder, one is independent installation, the other is anaerobic and gas storage integrated form.

To a certain extent, the integrated structure of Anaerobic + gas storage can save land and save investment, but after many years of project experience in our company, there are many problems in the integrated form of project, such as poor anti load capacity, inconvenient maintenance of gas tank, biogas pipe will be filled with biogas slurry, and the effect of side stirring is not ideal, and so on. The independent tank, top agitation system and independent gas cabinet used in the large project are in ideal state in operation, and there are no problems in the integration structure. Therefore, we suggest that the independent tank, the top mixing system and the independent gas cabinet are used as far as possible for the conditions allowed.

The canister produced by our company is a tank made of special steel plate, special sealing material, self locking bolt and other materials. It can be used for sealing storage of liquid and solid in sewage treatment, bolted powder silos advantage, grain storage, petrochemical industry and so on.

Our company can produce various types of assembling cans according to the customer's demand, especially in the 2000 - 5000m large independent assembly tank, and the production technology of the 5000 - 15000m large storage tank in the same industry at home and abroad, and has rich experience and successful example on the installation, and got the customer Unanimous approval and praise。

1、Standardization, serialization, and wide selection;

2、The quality of modern production and management is guaranteed;

3、The implementation of three packages, recycling, service is guaranteed.

waste water tank

waste water tank


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