biogas anaerobic fermentor of enamel plate

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biogas anaerobic fermentor of enamel plate

biogas anaerobic fermentor of enamel plate is anaerobic storage tank of a storage tank made of enamel plate bolts used for biogas, instead of a traditional storage tank for cement construction.

biogas anaerobic fermentor of enamel plate

The marsh gas enamel jar is made up of enameled steel plate, special sealing material, self locking bolt and so on. It has been used for more than thirty years. The enamel plate is treated with a steel plate in a special process, with a strength of two times as strong as the general steel plate. The inner surface of the steel plate is coated with three layers of enamel coating to form a white enamel. After 950 degree high temperature heating, the 0.35mm steel thick enamel coating is made on the surface of the steel plate, and the pretreated plate is heated and polymerized to form a strong bonding force between the enamel layer and the steel plate.

The protective coating made up of enamel coating can not only prevent the corrosion of the tank, but also have the function of anti acid and alkali. Enamel coating also has very strong wear resistance.

The splicing between the enamel plate is used to connect the steel plates to each other and use the self locking bolt to connect. Special sealing materials are embedded between the two board stacking. This device structure meets the requirements of fast and low consumption. According to the requirements of practice, the capacity of the original storage tank can be expanded. The corrosion resistance of enamelled steel plate is very suitable for the use of biogas power category. The tank can also be combined with the membrane type biogas storage cabinet to form an integrated equipment for gas production and gas storage.

Application scope and application of marsh gas enamel jar, The marsh gas enamel jar can be used for storage of various kinds, feces, waste water, liquid and solid materials. It can provide a useful and useful method for the user to store or handle or transport various fluid solid liquid solids.

1. The enamel jar can be used to store the following items:

Feces, cinder, meat, feed, Cereals, sodium chloride, carbamate, soapy water, wood chips, salt, dried fruits and so on. Enamel can also serve as a storage tank for all kinds of corrosive liquids and two water storage facilities.

2. The enamel jar can be used for the following purposes:

biogas bolted anaerobic reactor

biogas bolted anaerobic reactor

Biogas tank, drinking water containers, waste container, mixing tank, biological reactor, and the reaction vessel, wastewater sedimentation tank, process center tank, sedimentation tank, sludge tank, sludge receiver, multilayer filter, fermentation tank, mixing and deposition tank, filtrate receiving tank, tank etc.. The assembled canister and storage tank have gradually set up a credible image in the industrial and domestic sewage treatment plants.

anaerobic fermentor of enamel plate

3. The physical characteristics of the material of the enamel layer of the assembled cans:

Coating color: the standard color is inside white, outer black, or made according to the requirements of the user.

Coating thickness: 0.20 ~ 0.35mm, double-sided coating.

Acid proof alkalinity: the applicable pH value of the standard coating is: 3~11.

The application of pH for special coating is: 1~14.

Adhesive force: 3.450 N/cm

Elasticity: the same as the coated steel plate, about 500 kN/mm

Hardness: 6 (using a mot hardness tester)

Service life: 30 years

4. The scope of application of enamel assembling tank

Enamel assembly tank is widely used in biogas engineering, sewage treatment, chemical engineering, power engineering and other areas of the dry type gas storage tank, anaerobic tank and aerobic tank, sewage treatment equipment, granary, cement tank, workshop, garage, storage tank, storage tank, tank and other material feed wine storage tank plate.

biogas assembled tank

biogas assembled tank

Enamel steel plates can be used for making drinking water containers, waste containers, static filters, cookers, mixing pools, biological reactors, sewage deposition tanks, central processing basins, sedimentation tanks, fermentor, etc. Because all the auxiliary parts of the enamel assembly can be finished in the factory, while the quality of the product is ensured, the period of the field device is shortened.


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