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biogas septic tank for sale

biogas septic tank is necessary to select suitable biogas septic tank. According to the construction materials,biogas septic tank can be divided into reinforced concrete structure, steel structure and soft biogas fermentation device.

The following describes several kinds of steel structure fermentor and soft biogas digester, hoping to help us more comprehensive and systematic understanding of biogas engineering common several biogas fermentation devices.

biogas septic tank

biogas septic tank for sale greatest advantage of the steel plate welded structure methane fermentor is that it is mature in technology and can be made on site without special equipment and equipment, but the anticorrosion process is relatively complex. The general provisions of its design are:

The design pressure of biogas septic tank is usually atmospheric or near atmospheric pressure, and the negative pressure should not be less than 0.49 kPa.

The design conditions should not be less than the following: fermentation tank volume or diameter, height; seismic fortification intensity, wind load, snow load, air temperature conditions and site conditions; operating pressure and operating temperature (normal operation of the tank, the tank metal may reach the maximum or minimum temperature. In cold areas, the lowest daily average temperature of the tank without heating or insulation is 13, the type and density of the medium.

Thickness allowance should take into account the negative deviation and corrosion allowance of the steel plate.

The vertical cylindrical shape is often used in the steel plate welding fermentation tank, and its structural design mainly lies in the thickness of the steel plate and the design of the weld seam. From the material point of view, the vertical cylindrical tank has the most material saving when the ratio of diameter to height is 1:1.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

biogas septic tank in china

The wider the steel plate, the fewer welds in the production process of fermenter, accordingly reducing the possibility of weld leakage, while speeding up the production speed, saving the labor costs of welding. At present, the width and size of steel plates which are most easily bought in the domestic market are 250mm and 1500mm.

The dimension of fermenter can be determined from three aspects: the ratio of diameter to height should be 1: (0.6-1.2); the steel plate with large width should be used as far as possible; and the steel plate with the same size should be used as far as possible.

For the corrosion problem of steel plate welding fermentor, we can generally consider the moderate corrosion strength. After removing rust from the surface welds of steel (excluding galvanized materials), an anti-rust primer is painted on the surface of the tank, usually no more than 6 hours. Paint anti-corrosion construction method:

paint diluted with roller from top to bottom uniform brushing, the total thickness of the film is 0.15-0.20 mm, two to three complete, fermentation tank surface paint should be selected with a good combination of primer use, external wall insulation layer can not be brushed top paint, fermentation tank wall does not brush top paint.

Red mud soft biogas digester is a foldable biogas digester made of new technology and new materials. It is mainly composed of biogas digester and biogas storage bag. The fermentation tank is mainly divided into a teapot shape and a floating cover shape. Red mud soft biogas digester has more red mud than ordinary PVC. Red mud rubber skin is a kind of modified alloy plastic, which is incomparable with ordinary plastics.

Biogas fermentation is the core of the whole biogas project, which has a decisive impact on biogas production efficiency and engineering economy. Therefore, the process of biogas fermentation must be effectively monitored. Generally, some monitoring equipment for biogas components can be selected, such as Gasboard-3200. Users can control the process of biogas fermentation according to methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and other components of biogas, which can effectively improve the biogas production.

biogas generator

biogas generator


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