bolted steel water tank specifications

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bolted steel water tank specifications introduce

Bolted steel water tank specifications is the first parameter to be determined in bolt steel pipe, and it is a very important project indicator for water storage and procurement cost

bolted steel water tank specifications

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's needs are also increasing, so consumption concept, values are constantly increasing, people follow the pace of the times to pay attention to health issues, in order to meet customer needs, for consumers to develop a new type of bolted steel water tank, to protect people's drinking water hygiene, It is precisely because of the beautiful appearance of bolted steel water tank specifications, people will have a special interest in it, so the bolted steel water tank has become a kind of material pursued by people, the application of bolted steel water tank in our life has become a very common behavior.

bolted steel water tank is made of Q235 steel plate and punched into 1000 *1000mm 1000 *500mm 500 *500mm standard block. Bored holes are drilled around it. After enamel treatment, the water tank is assembled on site. The standard blocks are sealed with silica gel and bolted and manufactured with reference to GB02S101.

Handling: keep the original packaging as far as possible when handling enamel equipment. When handling the unpacked equipment, the attention must be paid to the ring, tank ears and supporting legs of the equipment. Lightly rise and fall, to avoid collision and vibration, loading, in addition to comply with the matters needing attention when handling, to avoid collision. In the easy to collide environment, more than three positioning control measures are adopted to stabilize.

Installation: equipment inspection before and after installation. Enamel equipment should be inspected before and after installation. Porcelain surface damage equipment should be used after useful treatment, otherwise it should not be installed, the method of inspection of porcelain surface is: high-frequency spark generator for exploration, with 60 watt lamp, check whether there is porcelain and rupture. Note: when using an electric spark generator to detect, the voltage is generally controlled at 5000 volts.

Compared with the galvanized steel tank and bolted steel water tank, the galvanized steel tank has the same structure, material selection and assembly mode, but the difference is in the different corrosion mode. Galvanized steel water tank and enameled steel water tank are made of Q235 carbon steel plate stamped by hydraulic press.

The difference is that the galvanized water tank is made of high-temperature double-sided galvanizing. The enameled water tank is made of high-temperature double-sided enamel. If the domestic water tank, Tengjia Water Tank Company suggests you choose enamel water tank, enamel water tank is generally used in places with higher water quality requirements, if the water quality is not too high requirements of the fire tank, Tengjia water tank is recommended to choose galvanized water tank, galvanized water tank than enamel water tank cost is lower, you can save Part of the expenses.

bolted tank calculation formula

bolted tank calculation formula

bolted steel water tank supplier

Enamel liner pressure tank is a common type of water tank in the market. The liner is usually made of A3 carbon steel plate with a thickness of 2-5mm and then sprayed with enamel. From the characteristics of the enamel itself, the enamel coating itself is better than stainless steel corrosion resistance, enamel tank can not collide, porcelain will rust off. Stainless steel tanks are different. It will rust unless it is scratched on the top with a knife or pointed object. But the price of enamel water tank is higher than stainless steel, enamel water tank: pressure, clean water, although the cost of enamel than stainless steel is higher, but the service life is longer, glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank generally used as a fire tank is better.

The price of FRP tank is related to the tonnage of the tank.Below 10 tons, the cost of the three water tanks is almost the same.20 tons -50 ton, enamel water tank is expensive, next is stainless steel water tank, glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank is cheap.More than 50 tons, stainless steel tank is expensive, next enamel water tank, glass fiber reinforced plastic tank is cheap.

Porcelain bolted steel water tank is a new type of water tank made of HSC series porcelain glaze as primer and surface glaze coated on the delta 2-delta 5 steel plate. The plate is fired and assembled. The mechanical impact strength of the porcelain layer is 4-5 higher than that of the ordinary enamel water tank. It is acid-proof, alkali-proof, impermeable and leak-proof. It is an anticorrosion technology of the water tank. Tengjia enamel steel water tank can be used as: living water tank, fire fighting water tank, intermediate water tank, waterproof tank, wartime standby water tank, hot water tank, water storage tank, boiler room water tank, swimming pool water tank, condensate water tank, expansion water tank, etc.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks


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