bolted tank design code

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brief introduction of bolted tank design code

bolted tank need some standard when they are designed and used. The following is a brief introduction to the standard of bolted tank design code.

bolted tank design code

The GB enamel tank is strictly in accordance with HG2432 technical requirements for glass lined equipment.GB150 "steel pressure vessel" and other design, manufacture and inspection, non enamelled cans according to customer requirements, design and manufacture according to the above standards.

bolted tank design code: autoclave pressure: 0.4 MPa, jacket pressure: 0.6 MPa

bolted tank design code standard: Enamel tank with looper flange and jacket flange according to HG20592 PN0.6, also can provide other flange standards according to user requirements.

deceleration system: the reducer adopts 92 standard TB type HG21566-95 XD., such as mixing speed regulation, it can be controlled by the corresponding speed motor or the frequency converter larger than the motor.

enamel pots and ceramics can not hold vinegar for a long time, otherwise, which kind of harmful substances in containers will penetrate into vinegar, and vinegar will show a weak acidic


Vinegar is a sour seasoning produced by various kinds of ferment. Chemical formula: CH3COOH, is a weak electrolyte. Vinegar mainly uses rice or sorghum as raw materials. Proper fermentation can be used to convert liquid containing carbohydrates (sugar, starch) into alcohol and carbon dioxide, and alcohol is then subjected to a combination of some bacteria and oxygen in the air, which produces acetic acid and water.

Vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, vinegar and vinegar are used mainly in vinegar. According to the different varieties of origin, the amount of acetic acid in vinegar is about 5~8%, and the acid strength of vinegar is mainly determined by the amount of acetic acid.

bolted tank design code of industrial enamel reaction kettle consists mainly of silica, the content of silica is 50% to 80%, the three oxidation two boron content is about 12%, the content of sodium oxide is about 12%, and the content of cobalt oxide is about 3%. The enamel of enamel reactor is a glassy substance formed by mixing or melting or semi fusion of various chemical mineral materials and chemical raw materials.

silos for food grains manufacturer in north india

silos for food grains manufacturer in north india

bolted tank design code

In the production process of enamel glaze, it can be divided into matrix agent, flux, opaque agent, oxidant, coloring agent, auxiliaries and so on. Not every component plays only one role, and sometimes matter can be either a matrix agent, a flux, a matrix agent, or a three solvent of two boron.

The ratio of the glaze group can form the bottom glaze and the surface glaze, and the bottom glaze is the porcelain glaze which is closely combined with the steel body. Its distribution ratio increases the content of compacted agent, strengthens the bonding force between the porcelain layer and the steel body, and the distribution ratio of the surface glaze increases the content of the corrosion resistance component, making the enamel enamel very good. GH, corrosion resistance, different components of the enamel layer can also be presented in different colors, such as blue and white.

According to the different requirements of sintering process temperature, it is divided into high temperature glaze and low temperature glaze. The composition and firing temperature of high temperature glaze and low temperature glaze are quite different. The high temperature of the high temperature porcelain glaze is higher, its physical and chemical properties are relatively enhanced, thus the stability and corrosion resistance of the enamel layer are improved, the temperature of the warm enamel is lower and the temperature is low. Lower. The color of finished glass is easy to distinguish: high temperature porcelain glaze is pure bright blue, and low temperature porcelain glaze is blue black and dark black, because the composition and burning cost of high temperature porcelain glaze are higher than low temperature. E porcelain glaze, so some small factories often choose low-temperature glaze as camouflage works, so users must pay attention.

The horizontal bolted tank design code is a 20000L glass lined horizontal storage tank, the working temperature is 85 degrees, and the main medium is liquid bromine. The medium is a strong solvent which dissolves most plastics or rubber, and has strong oxidizing and toxic effects on the metal itself. So it has a very high requirement for its storage equipment.

biogas assembled tank

biogas assembled tank

The enterprise is in the expansion stage of the production line. Because the storage tank is not effectively protected during the installation of the equipment, the slag is caused by the filling of the tank into the storage tank in the welding process, which causes great damage to the glass lining inside the storage tank, and the damage area is about 400mmx400mm, showing a point type failure. Such destruction has a great impact on the storage tank in the later stage, because the hidden danger caused by partial glass lining damage will result in the rejection of the whole storage tank.


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