center enamel tanks

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center enamel tanks quality

In order to have a comprehensive judgement on the quality of center enamel tanks, this paper briefly introduces the identification methods of center enamel tanks quality.

center enamel tanks

External quality and internal quality jointly decide the quality of center enamel tanks. The external quality can be qualitative by visual and instrument testing, and the internal quality is the micro and invisible defects in the equipment, which are not strict in the quality control of each process, because of the unreasonable material selection, molding, welding, surface treatment and burning.

This defect will be exposed in the process of equipment transportation, storage or use, resulting in equipment failure. Internal defects can not be detected by any means, only through strict quality management and scientific, reasonable process discipline to minimize the existence of internal defects.

center enamel tanks is to say, during the manufacturing process of center enamel tanks, every process must be strictly controlled to ensure the quality of each device. However, under the current fierce market competition, it is difficult for many enterprises to do this. And the company as a leading enterprise in the industry can ensure the quality of products. Please be assured of the use of the customers. Now, equipment that is crude, Jerry built and shoddy is common in the market.

Below are some knowledge of the quality of center enamel tanks.

To a great extent, the external quality of center enamel tanks can also reflect the inherent quality.

1.Glass lining equipment

Use dry cloth (not wet cloth) to wipe off the surface of the surface of the center enamel tanks of dust, under normal light, the glass surface should be bright, if the porcelain surface as a mirror can be illuminated on the face is a good product; and then carefully observe the surface of the glass layer should not be the following defects:

a.Compact and non minute pores;

b.Unglazed tumor, bubbling, unwiped impurities and obvious color inhomogeneous; for the large size closed tank above 6300L, the best wireless stripes on the surface of the porcelain layer, especially the manhole parts, the upper ring parts, the lower ring parts, the bottom seam welds, and the lower mouth parts of the porcelain surface (the professional terms are called hair lines).;

c.There is no marked scratch on the porcelain surface. In China, glass lined equipment, due to the difference between the enameling technology and the foreign enamel technology, only the glass lining surface about 0.2mm thickness is compact, and there are more bubbles, that is to say, the thickness of this 0.2mm is the effective anticorrosion layer, the strength is the highest. Deep scratches will destroy the dense layer and reduce the strength of glass lined layer. Therefore, rigid objects should be strictly prohibited from entering glass lined equipment during inspection, installation and use, so as to prevent scratches.

large bolted waste water tanks

large bolted waste water tanks

center enamel tanks introduce

There should be no obvious protruding on the center enamel tanks surface of the weld seam. To tell you a professional knowledge, the glass lining layer of the convex part of the metal matrix (that is the outer arc) is at a higher temperature. Due to the difference in the thermal expansion coefficient of the glass lining and the metal matrix, the tensile stress will be affected, and the tensile stress of the glass lining is far less than the compressive stress and the tensile stress is easy. The glass lining is damaged. Therefore, the occurrence of raised parts should be minimized on the metal matrix, and the raised weld should be as smooth as possible.

There should be no obvious dent in the surface of center enamel tanks. The concave pit is a defect left by grinding the surface of the metal base plate. The more pits, the surface quality of the steel plate used is poor. This steel plate is not suitable for the glass lining equipment.

There should be no obvious thickness difference between the nozzle and the head, the manhole and the head, the high neck flange and the butt joint of the cylinder.

Most of these defects appear on large size equipment. Because the manufacturing plants do not process or purchase suitable pipe and high neck flanges according to the actual thickness of the equipment plate, the pipe mouth and high neck flange used on small specification equipment are used on large size equipment, resulting in the poor thickness of the docking site.

The bigger the gauge, the more obvious the thickness difference. The abrupt change of the thickness of the metal matrix is very unfavorable to the quality of the glass lined layer when the time difference is 6 to 8mm. Due to the great difference in thickness, the temperature of the thin and thick parts of the equipment during heating and cooling is very different.

After cooling, the glass lining layer will remain large temperature difference stress. During the use process, due to temperature changes, residual stress is released to destroy glass lining. In addition, it is also necessary to explain that the high and low temperature variations caused by the steep change of the thickness of the metal matrix will cause the inconsistency of the reaction speed of the glaze enamel, which leads to the difference in the microstructure of the glass lining. The low temperature region has not yet completed the whole reaction process, and no ideal microstructure has yet been formed when the equipment has been released.

waste water tank

waste water tank

This defect is completely avoidable. The existence of such defects illustrates the neglect of quality and management loopholes in manufacturing enterprises.


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