GFS/GLS Bolted Steel Storage Tanks & Silos

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Bolted Steel Storage Tanks & Silos

GFS/GLS Bolted Steel Storage Tanks & Silos for storing bulk materials in silos. Bolted Steel Storage Tanks is divided into two categories: Agricultural silos and industrial silos.

Agricultural silos are used to store granular and powdery materials such as grain and feed. Industrial silos are used to store bulk materials such as coke, cement, salt and sugar. The cost of the mechanized silo is generally 1 / 3 higher than that of the mechanized warehouse, but it can shorten the loading and unloading process of the material, reduce the cost of operation and maintenance, eliminate the heavy bag operation, and be beneficial to mechanization and automation, so it has become one of the most important forms of the granary.

GFS/GLS Bolted Steel Storage Tanks & Silos

GFS/GLS Bolted Steel Storage Tanks & Silos of NV tank is suitable to be built in a high traffic area with convenient transportation, in residential buildings and public buildings, with the possibility of connecting with the lines of water supply, drainage, heating, power supply and so on. In order to prevent the rust of the steel plate, it is not suitable to be set up on the sea.

The design and construction of silo not only ensure that the wall strength of the silo meets the needs, but also makes the inner wall of the silo smooth and easy to load and unload, and the layout should be reasonable to save the area. The mechanized silo is equipped with a funnel funnel at the bottom, and the upper corridor is equipped with transport equipment for loading.

When loading, the bulk material of the dump pit is transported to the vertical corridor through the hoist and unloaded into the horizontal belt conveyer. The belt conveyer unloads the material into the silo into the grain mouth and flows into the silo. When discharging, the bulk material is discharged to the lower corridor through the discharge funnel and transported by the horizontal belt conveyer. In addition, the work of drying, weighing, dumping, sterilizing, cleaning and so on is required before the entry of grain, the storage period and the warehouse. For this purpose, the corresponding equipment and equipment should be equipped so that the automatic operation will be carried out gradually.

In areas with large temperature difference, GFS/GLS Bolted Steel Storage Tanks & Silos are stored on grain (such as soybeans), because the walls of the silos are too thin, which will cause condensation and damage grain. But as long as we control the moisture in the grain, we can solve this problem by increasing the exhaust pipe and installing the axial fan.

Although GFS/GLS Bolted Steel Storage Tanks & Silos is thin, the temperature difference is very large and easy to dew, but the grain is a good heat insulation body, only the grain temperature near the 40cm wall is obvious; the steel plate silo has fast heat absorption and fast heat dissipation. Because of the temperature measuring device installed in the warehouse, the control room can be conveniently detected. Once the grain temperature changes, it can be processed according to the changing situation.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Therefore, it is necessary to set up the exhaust pipe and to install the axial flow fan at the top of the silo; it should be set up at the bottom of the silo, and the ventilation pipe is laid. The ventilation of the centrifugal fan is an effective measure for the safe storage of grain; in addition, the movable cooling ventilation system can be used to keep the soybean under the low temperature (5-15). In addition to ventilation, the methods of cleaning, screening, grading, dust removal and management are mature and perfect, for example, the storage of grain in the silo, etc., so as to ensure the safe storage of grain steel silos.

GFS/GLS Bolted Steel Storage Tanks & Silos in china

Production process requirements: the size and plane combination of GFS/GLS Bolted Steel Storage Tanks & Silos should meet the requirements of the use, production process and equipment layout. The size and position of the doors and windows should meet the requirements of convenient access, convenient maintenance, safety of evacuation, ventilation and lighting. Steel silos should be arranged in single row or multi row layout. There are two kinds of plane combinations of steel silos, determinants and staggered ones.

The type selection should make the structural element layout reasonable, and facilitate the construction, and facilitate the plane combination of silos. Of course, under special circumstances, in order to increase the capacity of existing warehouse, the wrong type is allowed.

No matter what type of GFS/GLS Bolted Steel Storage Tanks & Silos, the net spacing should be less than 500 mm to ensure the convenience of maintenance in the single storehouse. The floor type flat steel silos are usually made out of grain from the central tunnels, and large machinery clearing equipment is needed for warehousing. Clearance equipment needs sufficient clearance or turning radius when entering the warehouse. The space required for different equipment to enter the warehouse is different. The clearance distance between warehouses should meet the operational requirements of the clearance equipment.

For areas with lightning protection requirements, lightning protection measures should be considered in GFS/GLS Bolted Steel Storage Tanks & Silos.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks price

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks price


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