biogas digester

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biogas digester in china

biogas digester is a kind of combustible gas produced by the fermentation of microorganism under the condition of certain temperature, humidity and acidity and alkalinity in the anaerobic environment. Because this gas was first found in swamps, lakes and ponds, it was called biogas.

biogas digester

Biogas contains a variety of gas components, and the main component of [1] is methane (CH4). Biogas bacteria decompose organic matter and produce biogas, which is called biogas fermentation. According to the role of various kinds of bacteria in biogas fermentation process, biogas bacteria can be divided into two categories. The first type of bacteria, called decomposing bacteria, decomposes complex organic matter into simple organic matter and carbon dioxide (CO2) and so on. Among them are cellulose decomposing bacteria called fibrous decomposable bacteria;

there are proteins that specializes in protein decomposition bacteria called proteolytic bacteria; there are specialized fats, called adipose bacteria; the second types of bacteria called methanogens, usually methanogens, are used to oxidize simple organic compounds and carbon dioxide into methane. Therefore, the process of organic matter into biogas is like the two process of producing a product in a factory: first, decomposing bacteria to process the complex organic matter, such as feces, straw, weeds, and other complex organic compounds into semi-finished products - simple compounds; then, the simple compounds are processed into products under the action of methane bacteria. That is, methane production.

Biogas is a mixture of gases, its main component is methane, followed by carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitrogen and other components. In the composition of biogas, the combustible components include methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and heavy hydrocarbons, and the non combustible components include carbon dioxide, nitrogen and ammonia. The methane content in the biogas composition is 55% to 70%, the carbon dioxide content is 28% to 44%, and the average content of hydrogen sulfide is 0.034%.

A family that provides a cheap and high quality fuel to a 3~5 port in the countryside is to build a biogas pool of 6 ~10, which provides 9~11 months of cooking and lighting fuel as long as the raw material is sufficient. Biogas slurry can be used as pesticide, fertilizer, feed and so on. It can also be used as a resource to achieve the goal of saving.

Changing the old living habits of farmers and improving rural living environment will build biogas digesters and toilets, pigsty together, not easy to breed mosquitoes, no odor. It will play an important role in the eradication of infectious diseases such as schistosomiasis and hookworm disease. In addition, because of the frequent human activities, a large amount of energy consumption, a large amount of open stover and livestock and poultry manure have been used, resulting in a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions, which aggravates the greenhouse effect. The use of biogas digesters can reduce the above problems to a certain extent.

To promote the development of ecological agriculture and animal husbandry, the waste from the biogas pool is biogas slurry and biogas residue, which can be used as pesticide additive, fertilizer, feed and so on, which greatly reduces the harm caused by chemical fertilizer and pesticide, and is beneficial to the production of green products and harmless products.

biogas assembled tank

biogas assembled tank

Methane is a colorless, tasteless, poisonous and smelly gas. Its main component, methane, is a colorless, tasteless, odorless and nontoxic gas at normal temperature. The molecular formula of methane is CH4, which is a simple hydrocarbon combined with carbon atoms and four hydrogen atoms. The weight ratio of methane to air is 0.54, which is about half lighter than that of air. The solubility of methane is very small. At 20 and 100 PPA, 100 units of water can only dissolve 3 units of methane.

biogas digester for sale

With the economic development and social progress of our country, the life of urban residents has been further improved, but there are still many problems in the life of rural residents. In order to build a well-off society in an all-round way, it is very necessary to build a new socialist countryside. This requires the development of rural eco agricultural production mode, the improvement of rural environment and the increase of farmers' income.

The comprehensive utilization of biogas digester is an important way to change the rural environment. The construction of a biogas pool can be used for about 20 years. The comprehensive utilization of a good biogas digester can not only save energy, improve and protect the environment, but also save chemical fertilizer and pesticide, improve the production and quality of crops, promote and promote the development of the breeding industry.

The traditional septic tank has poor removal of organic matter, inconforming to sanitary standards, regular excrement, large amount of transportation, inconvenient management, and easy occurrence of methane explosion. The biogas pool has the following advantages: one is the high removal rate of organic matter, the removal rate of COD up to 78%, and the removal rate of more than 82%: two is to prevent the sludge from the sludge. Floating, and through multi-stage filtration, the effluent is neutral, good sanitation and environmental protection effect, can basically reach the standard: the third is to obtain certain high-quality gas - methane. However, there are also problems in the biogas digester. The color of the effluent is generally high, and the removal rate of NH3-N is not easy to achieve.

With the development of China's biogas science and technology and the popularization of household biogas in rural areas, according to the requirements of local use and the conditions of temperature and geology, the household biogas digesters have a water pressure pool with fixed arch cover, large cover water pressure pool, hanging pipe type water pressure pool, curved water pressure pool, top return water pressure pool, separation floating bell type pool, Semi plastic pool, full plastic pool and tank type pool.

Although the form is varied, it is generally formed by four basic types of changes in the water pressure biogas pool, the float type biogas pool, the semi plastic biogas pool and the tank type biogas pool. The biogas pool, which is matched with the four in one ecological greenhouses, is usually a water pressure type biogas digester, and it has several different forms.

The fixed arch cover hydraulic pressure biogas digester has three types: cylindrical, spherical and ellipsoidal. The upper chamber of the pool type tank is completely closed, and the methane pressure increases correspondingly with the continuous generation of biogas.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

This rising pressure forces a portion of the feed liquid in the biogas tank to enter the water pressure compartment which is connected with the biogas tank, thus raising the level of the liquid in the water pressure compartment. As a result, the water level between the water pressure and the surface of the biogas tank produces a water level, which is called "water pressure" (the value of the U tube biogas pressure gauge). When the gas is used, the biogas switch is opened and the biogas is discharged under water pressure. When the methane is reduced, the liquid between the water pressure is returned to the pool, and the water level difference decreases, and the pressure of the biogas is reduced accordingly. This kind of biogas pool is called hydrostatic biogas pool, which uses part of the feed liquid to move back and forth and causes the water pressure to change repeatedly to store and discharge biogas digester.


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