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enamel tank manufacturers in china

enamel tank manufacturers produces enamel tank based on the principle of thin shell structure. enamel tank manufacturers in China is NVirotech have 20 years of GFS/GLS tank experience, is the largest enamel tank manufacturers in China.

enamel tank manufacturers

The enamel tank is made of prefabricated flexible enamel plate by bolt connection and rubber seal assembly. It is called enamel steel plate assembly jar or enamel assembly jar for short. The base plate of enameled steel plate is cold rolled low carbon steel plate with yield strength less than 280 MPa and tensile strength of 270 ~ 410 MPa. The enamel glaze is made by high temperature firing reaction of various inorganic chemical raw materials. The enameled steel plate is coated with enamel slurry and baked on the surface of the base plate.

enamel tank has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, short construction period, steel saving, light weight of tank body, easy dismantlement and so on. Its disadvantage is that the way of bolt connection brings the possibility of leakage, and it is not convenient to adjust the orientation of ready-made opening in construction.

Thermal spraying technology is the combination of thermal spraying technology and assembling tank. Thermal spraying technology refers to the melting of two charged wire arcs and the spraying and atomization of metal to the surface of the treated substrate by compressed air to form a well-bonded and compact metal coating. Then the metal coating surface is sealed with a sealer.

Finally, a long-lasting anticorrosive composite coating was formed. The arc sprayed zinc and aluminium coatings and organic sealing coatings can meet the requirement of no maintenance in 30 years. The combination of arc spraying coating and steel structure substrate by mechanical mosaic and micro-metallurgy improves the bonding strength of the coating, and ensures that the anti-corrosion coating does not peel off and peel off under slight impact or impact, so that the quality of the coating can fully meet the requirements of long-term anti-corrosion, thus reducing the maintenance cost of the steel structure in service and reducing the cost of the steel structure. The environmental pollution caused by paint construction prolongs the service life of the steel plate structure.

The cathodic electrophoretic treatment is a special method of corrosion protection. The cathodic electrophoretic treatment takes the assembled steel plate as the cathode, that is, the steel plate is immersed in the electrophoretic tank with low water ion concentration as the cathode, and the corresponding anode is set in the tank. The electrophoretic coating used is cationic (with positive charge). When a direct current is applied between the two poles, an anticorrosive film will precipitate on the steel plate. After acid washing, phosphating, electrophoresis and other anticorrosive treatment, the steel plate will be sprayed with powder.

The steel plate will have double anticorrosive effect. The binding force between the electrophoretic coating and the steel plate is very strong and the electricity is strong. As a protective layer, swimming coating can not only prevent tank corrosion, but also have strong acid and alkali resistance and strong wear resistance.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Compared with traditional anticorrosive treatment technology, electrophoretic paint has the advantages of good anticorrosive effect, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, etc. It can reduce or avoid tank collision damage during transportation. In addition, the phenomena of porcelain dropping and large area porcelain explosion caused by collision during transportation and installation of enamel assembling cans are overcome.

enamel tank manufacturers introduce

The software biogas fermentation device is a new type of biogas equipment. It mainly includes: soft foldable biogas fermentation bag, biogas storage bag, biogas boost pump, desulfurizer, water separator, biogas transmission pipe and related pipe fittings. The main body of the equipment is a soft foldable biogas fermentation bag, which is made of high strength plastic material, and is provided with an outlet, an inlet and an outlet.

Its fermented raw materials are widely distributed and can convert a large number of domestic waste into low price gas. There are two kinds of soft biogas fermentation devices commonly used at present: black film soft biogas digester and red mud soft biogas digester.

Black-film soft biogas digester, the scientific name of "fully enclosed anaerobic pond", is an important part of the biogas production equipment in aquaculture farms. Black-film soft biogas digester is an anaerobic reactor formed by bottom and top membrane sealing on the basis of excavated soil. The biogas digester integrates fermentation and gas storage. The whole anaerobic digester is sealed completely by impervious membrane material. The principle of fecal treatment is similar to other anaerobic biological treatment processes. It relies on the metabolic function of anaerobic bacteria to degrade the organic substrate and partially convert it into biogas.

From the aspects of construction cost, maintenance and management, gas production, power generation, sewage treatment and so on, the black film soft biogas digester has natural advantages, so it has better economic, social and ecological benefits. It is suitable for the treatment of the excrement of large scale farms and "bubble dung" processing farms. However, the black film soft biogas digester covers a large area, if the biogas power generation is to be carried out, it is necessary to add an anti-corrosion and explosion-proof supercharger.

enamel bolted USR integration reactor

enamel bolted USR integration reactor


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