biogas reactor tank

2017-10-04 17:47:01  By:NVirotech Bolted Tank (1492)

what is biogas reactor tank?

biogas reactor tank is used to meet the living conditions of biogas fermentation microorganism, so that they can live in the right environment to achieve the fermentation and produce more methane content.

biogas reactor tank

biogas reactor tank USES internal circulation, dispersing and breaking bubbles with stirring OARS, with high dissolution rate and good mixing effect.

biogas reactor tank tolerated all sorts of bacteria corrosion, long service life, more flexible operation, to minimize the internal attachment, but avoid mixing dead Angle, more conducive to the material and energy transfer performance is strong, and easy to clean, reduce environmental pollution.

biogas reactor tank is the first choice for modern biogas engineering, greatly reduce the overall cost, bolted biogas reactor the main can be repeated use cheaper

biogas reactor tank in china

Biogas reactor tank in China has largely replaced the traditional biogas reaction pool, which is a priority for the major manufacturers to carry out biogas engineering. It is the next generation of biogas production reactor and biogas storage tank.

Biogas project in China, a large number of using the reaction of methane gas and gas tank design, this design not only is it more accords with the need of engineering, and environmental protection, high efficiency, and overall cost than traditional biogas engineering greatly reduced a lot.

biogas assembled tank

biogas assembled tank

Biogas reactor tank of NVirotech is China's leading manufacturer, is also China's most experienced service, we have been in China has hundreds of actual biogas engineering design, construction and debugging, the successful experience of standard reaches producing, our biogas storage tanks has reached the advanced world level, welcome customers have the intention to visit our factory!


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