bolted biogas reactor

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what is bolted biogas reactor?

bolted biogas reactor is a new type of biogas reactor, the biogas reactor formed by connecting the reactor walls with bolts. bolted biogas reactor construction cycle is short, the cost is low, and can make full use of, environmental protection economy, is a new generation biogas reactor

bolted biogas reactor

Biogas engineering technology is a rural energy engineering technology which aims to achieve the environmental pollution of agricultural ecology through the development and utilization of livestock manure as an object to obtain energy and control environmental pollution. There are four kinds of biogas technology at present CSTR, USR, UASB bolted biogas reactor.

Bolted Biogas Reactor splicing between the enamel steel plates is used to connect the top and bottom of the steel plate, the form of the locking bolt. The special silica gel seal material is embedded in the overlap between the two plates. After the solidification of the silica gel is rubber, it has the characteristics of high elasticity, high temperature resistance and strong weatherability.

The self-locking bolt is covered with plastic in the head of the bolted biogas reactor. bolted biogas reactor has a strong resistance to corrosion. The bolt root has a four-tenon device, which has the function of self-locking. When the tank is tested with water, it can be fastened with water.

NVirotech bolted biogas reactor

NVirotech bolted biogas reactor enamel steel plate strength is twice as strong as that of ordinary steel plate. The thickness of steel plate used in stock is from 3mm~ 12mm. The bottom of the steel plate on the inside and outside spraying of glaze and glaze, drying after 900 ℃ high temperature after heating, make the 0.3 mm thick steel plate surface enamel coating, enamel coating not only can prevent the steel corrosion of tank, and resistance to acid, alkali function, and with strong abrasion resistance.

enamel assembled tank

enamel assembled tank

our bolted biogas reactor enamel steel corrosion features very suitable for application in the field of biogas energy, steel plate between the stitching, is made of the steel plate overlap each other and self-locking bolt connection, a dedicated seal material between two plates overlap, achieved rapid low installation requirements. It can maintain 5kpa pressure and the tank can be combined with the membrane biogas storage tank to make the gas and gas storage integration device.

we can assemble 20~3000m3 different storage tanks according to the needs of customers bolted biogas reactor. Convenient for customer use. It can be used in sewage treatment, biogas engineering, food storage, petrochemical industry and other gas, liquid and solid seal storage. In biogas engineering, the tank is a container for storage and fermentation of various organics (such as animal waste, sewage, straw, etc.).


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