bolted biogas storage silo

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what is bolted biogas storage silo

bolted biogas storage silo is widely used in the biogas storage silo of biogas reactor, and is the main solution for modern biogas storage.

bolted biogas storage silo

bolted biogas storage silo is the most important part of modern biogas construction,The main manure source of anaerobic digestion is pig manure, straw, kitchen waste and vegetable residue in the surrounding area of the project, and the pig manure has dried pig manure and water to make pig manure. Dried pig manure, straw and vegetable residue are used to feed the solid feed system. Water is used to feed pig manure and kitchen waste,bolted biogas storage silo materials used to store these biogas reacting materials

Straw after X-ray of Ripper crusher by forklift to premixed pool, premixed pool with diving mixer, broken straw and water can be fully blending 7.5% (TS), blending materials after using screw feed pump pumping to fermentation tank biological pretreatment, biological pretreatment of straw after the overflow to the after discharge pool with screw pump pumping to fast hybrid system.

Vegetables residual after X-ray of Ripper crusher, a forklift truck to solid feed system, bolted biogas storage silo Storage capacity determines the capacity of the reactor.

dry cleaning pig feeding system has also been added to the solid, and then through the shaftless screw conveyor to rapid mixing system, from anaerobic reactor pump discharge is to be delivered to the rapid mixing system. The pretreated straw, broken vegetable residue, pig manure, process water and reaction tank are mixed in the fast mixing system and eventually transported to the anaerobic reaction tank that is bolted storage silos.

enamel bolted silo

enamel bolted silo

bolted biogas storage silo price

bolted biogas storage silo price compared with the traditional biogas storage price, the price has a great advantage, and the construction cycle is shortened greatly, and the cost budget of biogas construction is reduced.

Biogas is a kind of organic matter generated by microbial fermentation under anaerobic conditions. bolted biogas storage silo price is a direct relationship with the size of the biogas reactor.

Methane and carbon dioxide are the main components of a combustible mixture of methane. The fixed arch water pressure biogas tank has three types: cylindrical, spherical and ellipsoid. The upper gas chamber of this pool type is completely enclosed, and with the continuous generation of biogas, the biogas pressure increases accordingly,The quality of bolted biogas storage silo requirements will be high.

This increasing pressure forces a portion of the water in the biogas tank into the water pressure interconnecting with the pool, causing the fluid level to rise in the water pressure. In this way, the liquid level between the water pressure and the liquid level in the biogas digester produces a water level difference, which is called "water pressure". When gas is used, the biogas switch is opened and biogas is discharged under water pressure.

enamel bolted tank manufacturer

enamel bolted tank manufacturer

When the biogas is reduced, the fluid in the water pressure returns to the pool, causing the water level to drop continuously, resulting in the corresponding reduction of the methane pressure. This is a water pressure biogas tank, which USES some liquid to move back and forth, causing repeated changes in water pressure to store and discharge methane.


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