bolted silo for sale

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what is bolted silo

bolted silo is a storage tool made of enamel steel plate riveting, bolt or combination, bolted silo for sale can be widely used in the storage of grain, feed, sewage, methane fermentation, etc.

bolted silo for sale

bolted silo Difference between Yu Gangban storehouse definition of terms, the term originated in 2003, the journal cement first page 37 "with large plates library off-season in the production of cement storage solution", the determination of appellation is by Xu Maocheng author and editor of those Mr Wang Chengmin originality.

Therefore, the large steel plate warehouse is called a large steel silo, because bolted silo cannot distinguish the concept of capacity size.

bolted silo purpose is to refer to the warehouse body part of the steel plate, or to the small steel plate. Steel silo has a history of more than 100 years of development, the first widely used abroad, the application of grain storage steel silo originated in the early 20th century, the late 1970 s, the food industry in foreign countries, steel silo almost replaced any type of barn.

bolted silo Is summed up in the past BaoKu and material harden steel library experience, after a long time research, in-depth summary, and absorbed a number of patent holder of a number of patented technology, technology covers the steel library all technical level, it is insufficient for the fourth generation of library technology in steel plates and special tailor-made.

By WDCPO patent group of bolted silo, technical requirements for steel plate warehouse construction of the fifth generation of multi-functional large-scale steel library, completely solved the problem of uneven subsidence of large steel library to solve the harden in steel rolls of material, bolted silo material homogenizing before discharge, low discharging, and completely fully discharge and dust emissions and other key core technology of steel library.

enamel bolted silo

enamel bolted silo

bolted silo for sale in china

The application and development of bolted silo for sale in china started late. In 1982, honghe farm in heilongjiang province introduced galvanized corrugated sheet metal warehouse from the United States, which was the earliest modern steel warehouse in China.

In the 1980s, the construction of steel plate warehouse in China has achieved unprecedented development. bolted silo for sale province chun machinery factory introduction absorbs the American prefabricated steel silo full set of technology, production line for special equipment, in accordance with the foreign advanced technology, design software, production standards, on the basis of the digestion and absorption, has carried on the innovation and development, started mass production, production, installation of prefabricated steel silo, and make the strength of the steel silo represents the reliability, performance, security, and the steel silo as a kind of a large number of export products, bolted silo for sale represents the current our country the international level of the steel silo manufacturing, production, installation, is the leading steel silo production installation.

bolted silo can store grain, powder, grain, oil, food, brewing, coal, building materials and so on, which is widely used in the fields of industry and agriculture, urban and rural areas and environmental protection industry.

The fabricated steel silo is referred to as bolted silo (as shown in Figure 2.1 and Figure 2.2). It is a steel silo with the electric torque wrench connected to the corrugated plate after punching and molding into corrugated sheet. The panel of the assembly storehouse is corrugated, and the plate usually uses galvanized plate.

bolted silo thickness is usually 0.8 ~ 4.2mm, and the thickness of the wall can reach 8.4 mm. Corrugated panels are mostly made by rolling process. They are mass produced by mechanical molding production line, and all kinds of corrugated sheets can be produced automatically by the production line.

bolted biogas storage silo

bolted biogas storage silo

bolted silo advantage of rolling method is wave shape successive forming, internal stress can be eliminated, resilience is small, and the quality of production plate is better. Even a thicker steel plate can be molded in sequence on the production line. In addition, the forming units and uncoiler, leveling machine, conveyor roller and hydraulic sizing flying shear and other supporting equipment can directly roll the coil into corrugated steel products with specifications.


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