bolted steel storage tanks manufacturer

2017-12-19 19:11:17  By:NVirotech Bolted Tank (1302)

what is bolted steel storage tanks

bolted steel storage tanks is conducted by steel plate surface enamel coating, self-locking bolt and sealant of storage tanks, the specific installation is convenient, corrosion stability, the advantages of low cost, bolted steel storage tanks are widely sewage, biogas fermentation tank, fodder and other food storage.

bolted steel storage tanks manufacturer

The porcelain enameled steel plate can be assembled from special titanium alloy steel plate, seal special material, self-locking bolt and so on. It can be used for more than 30 years.

bolted steel storage tanks Titanium alloy special steel plate after pretreatment, in its inside and outside two or three layer inorganic glass coating, through high heat sintering, between the coating and the steel plate to bolted steel storage tanks form a new type of composite material, bolted steel storage tanks achieve strong binding force.

The protective layer of this new composite material can not only prevent the corrosion of tank body, but also has the function of anti-strong acid, strong alkali and strong anti-wear resistance.

bolted steel storage tanks manufacturer

Enamel used special steel plate for titanium alloy steel plate, bolted steel storage tanks twice the strength for ordinary steel, common stock steel plate thickness from 3 mm ~ 12 mm steel plate on the inside and outside spraying of glaze and glaze, drying after 900 ℃ high temperature after heating, make the 0.3 mm thick steel plate surface enamel coating, enamel coating not only can prevent the steel corrosion of tank, bolted steel storage tanks and resistance to acid, alkali function, and with strong abrasion resistance.

The steel plates are joined together with each other bolted steel storage tanks, and the sealing material is inlaid between the two plates to meet the fast and low cost of installation.

It can maintain 5kpa pressure and the bolted steel storage tanks can be combined with the membrane biogas storage tank to make the gas and gas storage integration device.

Our company bolted steel storage tanks can tailor the enamel steel plate of various specifications and performances according to customer's needs, and assemble 80~10000m3 of different size of storage tank to facilitate the use of customers.

Enamel can be widely used in the storage of food grade drinking water, sewage treatment, biogas engineering, dry bulk material storage, petroleum chemical industry and other industries such as gas, liquid and solid seal storage.


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