enamel bolted tank

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enamel bolted tank introduce

Enamel bolted tank is mainly composed of enamel steel plate, self-locking bolt and sealant, is the latest generation of biogas reaction tanks, wastewater storage tanks, Food storage tank.

enamel bolted tank

enamel bolted tank main component is enameled steel plate. Enamel assembled steel plate is of special steel double enamel, enamel surface smooth and moist, with the characteristics of porcelain, standard adopt green color, bright, especially suitable for requirements of modern factory. You can also use any other color depending on the user's request.

Enamel bolted tank thickness can be up to 20 mm, common stock 3 ~ 8 mm steel plate thickness, plate surface oil, rust, scale, after pickling, alkaline cleaning, play sand, such as pretreatment process, the clean steel surface treatment. In the electric furnace, 900 high temperature secondary enamel coating is applied to the inside and outside of the steel plate.

The enamel coating and steel plate of enamel bolted tank have a strong binding force. Enamel coating not only can prevent the corrosion of tank body, but also has the function of resisting strong acid and strong alkali. And has extremely strong anti-wear resistance.

enamel bolted tank application

The application of the enamel bolted tank is very extensive, as all auxiliary parts of the enamel can be processed in the factory, the quality can guarantee that the on-site installation cycle will be greatly improved. enamel bolted tank Can provide water containers for any sewage treatment project, biogas engineering, electrical engineering,Include:

  • composite containers
  • silt collection pools and their replacement pools
  • sedimentation pool, regulating pool, desulphurization pool, activated carbon pool
  • SBR pool, contact oxidation pond
  • anaerobic UASB, EGSB
  • biogas bolted tank, biogas fermentation tank, biogas gas tank
  • softening water tank and desalting water tank
  • enamel bolted tank high strength and excellent anticorrosion performance can save a lot of material, and the installation of simple, rapid and can save a lot of artificial, all of these decide the enamel reactor assembled has great advantage on price. In particular, the height reached more than 5m, with the larger volume of the tank, the advantage is more obvious

    enamel assembled tank

    enamel assembled tank


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