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bolted storage tank also called GFS/GLS tank,bolted storage tank are becoming more and more popular in all walks of life. They can be used to store water, grain and ferment to produce biogas.

 bolted storage tank

bolted storage tank is roasted at about 900 C. After cooling, special technology is used to bond the enamel to the steel plate. Because the linear expansion coefficient and elongation of enamel are less than that of steel plate, the deformation of enamel after cooling is less than that of steel plate, so enamel will be restrained by steel plate to produce compressive stress.

bolted storage tank is finished, the pre-compressive stress exists in the enamel layer, while the pre-tension stress exists in the steel plate.

Because prestressing force is related to linear expansion coefficient and elongation, and linear expansion coefficient and elongation are closely related to temperature, the working temperature of bolted storage tank has a great influence on its use.

Enamel will be destroyed if the stress produced by enamel exceeds its service stress due to the great change of temperature. bolted storage tank are mainly used to hold corrosive chemicals, such as strong acids.

bolted storage tank can be combined with various processes to form a assembled reactor to increase the added value of the product. Its appearance is good, and it can improve the image of the project. It can also be relocated, expanded, recycled, etc.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

bolted storage tank attention

The use of any product needs to be maintained, bolted storage tank are no exception. In the use process, attention should be paid to the use methods and precautions, so that bolted storage tank can be used for a longer time.

Therefore, the enamel layer of the bolted storage tank is very vulnerable to explosion due to the rapid change of temperature and cold. Therefore, the bolted storage tank has a temperature resistance limit, the maximum temperature should not be higher than 200 C, the temperature shock resistance is less than 110 C, and the thermal shock is less than 120 C.

The temperature difference between the storage material and the tank is too large, and the excessive steam and rapid cooling during heating can also lead to the explosion of porcelain. So don't cause large temperature difference when filling liquid, otherwise it will damage the tank body.

The impact resistance of the bolted storage tank is very poor. Any metal or hard object impacting on it will lead to the damage of the enamel. Therefore, during the use of bolted storage tank, any metal or hard objects should be strictly prevented from falling into the kettle.

In case of blockage, it must be dredged with plastic rods, and the lid of the pot should be well covered during overhaul, so as to prevent small pits or explosions on the surface of weld slag melting porcelain.

Glass lining pipe

Glass lining pipe

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