enamel assembled water tank

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enamel assembled water tank use

enamel assembled water tank has many uses, simple installation and environmental protection. Today we introduce the enamel assembled water tank.


Manufacturing standard: National Architectural Standard Design Atlas 02S101 enamel assembled water tank and assembly galvanized steel plate tank, compared with the assembly of galvanized steel tank, its box structure, material selection, assembly methods are completely the same, the difference in anticorrosion methods. The assembly type enamel plate water tank uses the advanced technology, selects the high quality material and sintered the enamel through high temperature.

enamel assembled water tank makes the surface of the water tank dense glaze layer, permeate with the interface ion of the steel plate, and mix to form the diffusion layer of about 200-300 millimeter, and increase the adhesion strength of the enamel surface. The porcelain surface is smooth, easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. The steel plate assembly structure is not easy to be deformed, strong in shock resistance, strong in impact resistance, acid proof, alkali resistant and corrosion resistant.

Selection of material: composite enamel assembled water tank with Q235 steel plate, forming 1000 x 1000 and 1000 x 500 standard block, surrounding boreholes, high temperature sintering enamel processing, on-site assembly, assembly of standard block between the standard medical silica gel cushion seal, bolt connection.

Scope of application: enamel assembled water tank is suitable for storage of building water supply, regulating water tank, expansion of heating system, condensate water tank and temporary water storage tank, such as construction construction, geological survey, industry, national defense engineering, etc.

Piping and space requirements: the pipe diameter and position of the water tank, outlet pipe, drain pipe and overflow pipe are determined by the design; the water tank should be not less than 700mm channel, the bottom of the box and the top of the box are not less than 600mm. At the time of installation, the gap between the bottom of the enamel assembled water tank and the bottom of the enamel assembled water tank should be located on the support.

Antisepsis: enamel assembled water tank treatment is applied to both the tank box and the enclosure.

enamel assembled tank

enamel assembled tank

Precautions for the use of enamel assembled water tank

Water test: when the water tank is installed, the water pipe and the water pipe are closed. The water pipe is opened, the water is opened and the water is checked and the water is full. After 2-4 hours, the water is not qualified.

enamel assembled water tank supply scope: box, hot-dip galvanized channel base, organic glass tube level gauge, lock manhole, inside and outside ladder of box, short tube and flange for cabinet.

enamel assembled water tank is divided into two kinds of FRP assembly water tank and SMC combined water tank. It is characterized by light weight, no corrosion, no leakage, good water quality, wide use range, long service life, good insulation performance, beautiful appearance, easy to install, easy to install, and strong adaptability. enamel assembled water tank is used as a public life, fire water and industry. The ideal product of water storage facilities. Water tank is an indispensable part of public water supply system such as industrial and mining enterprises and civil houses.

Our country mainly adopts concrete and steel plate water tank, but the leakage and scaling of concrete water tank and the corrosion of steel plate water tank have great influence on the use of water tank. According to the on-site inspection of Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, 85% of the tank water supply system in China is unable to meet the water quality standard due to the algae and rust pollution of the water tank. Since 80s, the assembly type fiberglass tank has been widely used to solve the above problems. The enamel assembled water tank has the advantages of no leakage, no deformation, no pollution, long service life and so on. It is easy to assemble and beautiful in appearance, and can be assembled into different tonnage tanks according to the needs of the user.

As the two equipment for storing domestic water, only domestic water (fire water) can not be loaded with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or liquid with high content of acid and alkalinity.

enamel assembled water tank in the use process, do not put other light equipment on the top of the tank, do not use hard material to knock or picture tank layout and pipe fittings, there are problems to inform the manufacturer technical maintenance personnel, repair welding personnel, the requirements are specially engaged in argon arc welding professional personnel, maintenance should be released when the water.

enamel assembled water tank cover should not be casually opened to prevent water from being polluted two times. The water tank is cleaned and sterilized 1-2 times a year.

Technology of GFS tank

Technology of GFS tank

enamel assembled water tank in the use process, do not put other light equipment on the top of the tank, do not use hard materials at random knocking or drawing water tank layout and pipe, the problem should be notified to technical maintenance personnel in advance.


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