woolong enamel tanks

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woolong enamel tanks for sale

woolong enamel tanks is widely used in recent years due to its environmental protection and economy. NVirotech Environmental Protection Co Ltd is one of the largest professional woolong enamel tanks manufacturers in China. The company has nearly 20 years of woolong enamel tanks experience, and has a number of engineers and technicians engaged in research and development of enamel glaze and enamel production. The woolong enamel tanks manufactured by our company have been widely used in sewage treatment, biogas, chemical industry, light industry, medicine and other industries.

woolong enamel tanks

woolong enamel tanks are resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali corrosion. PH pH value is 1 - 14 (standard coating is 3 - 11). The container made of it can store liquid with certain acidity and alkalinity.

woolong enamel tanks is easy to use and install, and its service life is long: 12 people with 7000m assembled pot installed for 25 days can shorten the construction period by 50% compared with concrete pond construction, and its service life can reach more than 30 years, and it can be disassembled, assembled, shifted and reassembled. Because of its light weight, it can be placed on top of buildings, such as roof tanks (tanks).

woolong enamel tanks are of moderate cost and free of maintenance. The cost of the tank or tank assembled with this product can be reduced by about 30% per cubic metre compared with the cost of the same volume of concrete and ordinary welded steel structure. Because double-sided enamel can avoid the cost of maintenance of external regular coating.

woolong enamel tanks project is beautiful in appearance. It can be processed into different colors according to customers'requirements to meet the requirements of beautifying the environment.

woolong enamel tanks are environmentally friendly and economical. woolong enamel tanks can be recycled when they reach the maximum useful life or are discarded without producing solid waste.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

woolong enamel tanks description

The woolong enamel tanks produced by NVirotech Environmental Protection Co Ltd is made of special steel plate, special sealing material, self-locking bolt and other materials. Its service life is up to 30 years. After pretreatment, two or three layers of enamel coatings are coated on both sides of the special steel plate. After heating and polymerization, a strong bonding force is formed between the coating and the steel plate. The protective coating formed by the coating not only prevents the corrosion of the tank, but also has the functions of strong acid and alkali resistance and strong wear resistance.

The enamel steel plate is a special titanium alloy steel plate with twice the strength of ordinary steel plate. The thickness of commonly used stock steel plate ranges from 3 mm to 8 mm. The inner and outer sides of the steel plate are sprayed with bottom glaze and surface glaze. After drying, the steel plate is heated at 900 ~C. The enamel coating with thickness of 0.3mm is formed on the surface of the steel plate. The enamel coating not only prevents the corrosion of the tank steel plate, but also has the functions of strong acid and alkali resistance, and has very strong abrasion resistance. The corrosion resistance of enamel steel sheet is very suitable for the application of biogas energy. The splicing of steel sheets adopts the form of overlapping of steel sheets and self-locking bolts.

The special sealing material is embedded between the overlapping of the two plates, which meets the requirements of fast and low consumption installation. The top cover of enameled steel plate can keep pressure of 5 kpa. The tank can also be combined with membrane biogas storage cabinet to make an integrated device for fermentation gas production and gas storage. The company can assemble enamel steel plates into 20~3000m3 tanks of different sizes according to the needs of customers. Facilitate the use of customers.

steel food grain silo

steel food grain silo

woolong enamel tanks description can be used for gas, liquid and solid sealing storage in sewage treatment, biogas engineering, grain storage, petrochemical and other industries. In biogas engineering, assembly tank is a container for storage and fermentation of various organic substances (such as animal manure, sewage, straw and other fermentation raw materials).


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