New type wastewater storage tank

2017-09-21 10:00:52  By:NVirotech Bolted Tank (1212)

New type wastewater storage tank

wastewater storage tank use in the life and industrial storage wastewater ,enamel assembled tank is a new type of wastewater storage tank, has the advantages of corrosion resistance, reusable use, short construction time and lower cost.

New type wastewater storage tank

Industrial wastewater is refers to the industrial production process of wastewater, sewage and waste liquid, which contains with the water erosion is the industrial production of materials, intermediate products and product and manufacturing process of pollutants.

New type wastewater storage tank is necessary to have a strong anticorrosion. The new type wastewater storage tank is made of enamel steel plate bolt, which can effectively be put into the corrosion of various industrial waste water, so that the wastewater storage tank has longer service life

wastewater storage tank introduce

The construction of sewage treatment project cost investment is a very important factor, the standard of advanced water treatment technology should be suitable for China's wastewater storage tank, high efficiency, low consumption, low cost of sewage treatment technology.

waste water tank

waste water tank

At present, the commonly used reinforced concrete tank and steel structure in sewage treatment works in China do not have this point. The wastewater storage tank construction technology of the steel mixing tank is complicated, the cycle length, the structure design is cumbersome, the cost is high, not applicable to small and small sewage treatment project;

The welding of steel structure welding can't guarantee the quality of the construction, and it has poor anticorrosion performance, short service life and small pool capacity. Both reactors have certain limitations. It is an effective means to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

The new type wastewater storage tank is Advanced countries such as Germany, France and the Czech republic began to design and build new equipment, new materials and new processes in urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment projects in the 1970s.

Assembling canning technology is one of them. Through special technology and equipment, new type wastewater storage tank the enamelled steel plate is built into a reactor of 50-10000m3. Through decades of engineering validation, this technology has the short construction period, low cost, corrosion resistance is strong, can be arbitrary expansion and mobile etc, so that the sewage plant to less investment, quick production, can be moved.


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