wastewater assembled storage tank

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what is wastewater assembled storage tank?

Wastewater assembled storage tank is a new type of water storage tanks, use at the scene of the factory production standard enamelled steel patchwork of container, seal rubber seal, has the advantages of rapid installation, anti-corrosion performance is good, is very suitable for modern wastewater storage tanks.

wastewater assembled storage tank

Installed Wastewater assembled storage tank is to use special tools, workers in the installation of roof floor board, and the special tools to ascend up the height of a layer board, then the second circle plate, repeat the operation, until the installation of tank.

Wastewater assembled storage tank is made from the standard enameled steel plate, which can be removed or reloaded after the operation. It can easily be expanded and transferred, more environmentally friendly and cheaper than conventional cement wastewater storage tank.

wastewater storage tank is one of the important factors of sewage treatment project investment cost, the steel pool construction technology complex, long cycle, design complicated structure, high cost, not suitable for small and medium-sized sewage treatment engineering. The welding of steel structure welding can't guarantee the quality of the construction, and it has poor anticorrosion performance, short service life and small pool capacity. Both type reactors have certain limitations.

wastewater assembled storage tank is new type wastewater storage tank certain degree of standardized design and equipment for wastewater treatment is an effective means to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

wastewater assembled storage tank of NVirotech

wastewater assembled storage tank of NVirotech is the most widely used and technically mature sewage storage tank in China. We are a professional, standardized, metallized enamel steel plate and can production enterprises.

NVirotech have the most advanced enamel plate production technology and professional production line to making wastewater assembled storage tank. The company has passed the iso9001-2000 quality system certification, and the company produces tens of thousands of enamel steel plates, and builds storage tanks of about 500,000 cubic meters.

The company's products are spread all over the country, and are involved in various fields, such as UASB, EGSB, SBR, BAF, USR, and CSTR, etc., in sewage treatment and biogas engineering.

Wastewater assembled storage tank of NVirotech is your most advanced technology in the sewage storage pool, which is also the best choice for customers. Welcome to our factory to visit the procurement, and we will customize the most reasonable wastewater storage tank solution for you

enamel assembled tank

enamel assembled tank


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