porcelain enamel steel sheets

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what is porcelain enamel steel sheets?

Porcelain enamel steel sheets is the main component of the combination enamel tank, which is a kind of composite material which is fused to the base steel plate by melting the enamel and other materials, which has anti-corrosion and wear-resisting and beautiful and durable.

porcelain enamel steel sheets

porcelain enamel steel sheets has high temperature sintering enamel, Porcelain enamel steel sheets have high temperature sintering enamel, which makes the surface of the water tank dense glaze layer, which is permeable with the plate interface ions, which is not easy to deform, seismic and anti-impact.

porcelain enamel steel sheets installation set the keel of the device, According to the construction drawing and direction azimuth at the bottom of the construction of the horizontal high line, drilling on the construction surface, and device expansion bolts and other keel fixtures.

porcelain enamel steel sheets choose match the expansion bolt diameter of drill bit, with imported heineken have impact drill to drill a fixed installation hole, hole depth should be able to guarantee a structural layer is not less than 60 mm bolts into the concrete, the ash powder in the borehole drilled in the finishing clean, into anchor bolt, using a wrench the fixed anchor, cut moment solid 40 ~ 45 n. m, guarantee the anchor bolt cut solid solid. When drilling hole, meet steel bar, can be in fixed piece lumbar shape hole, change a azimuth hole.

Enamelled steel plate facing the inside of the each specialized pipe line, the equipment on the basis of enamel steel plate facing inside headroom of each part, establish with the principle of small to large, set the professional pipeline elevation, plane orientation and direction, then conclude that enamel steel keel firmware, have fixed parts according to the practice of the situation of resistance corresponding positioning, first to ensure that the enamel steel keel straight, avoid twists and turns and enamelled steel finish effect.

biogas reactor tank enamel steel plate

biogas reactor tank enamel steel plate

porcelain enamel steel sheets is necessary to set the position of the horizontal and the fixed parts of the keel to be able to start the device.

According to the fixed position line of the keel, porcelain enamel steel sheets first the vertical channel steel to the construction face, then the steel position plate of the welding slot steel device, and then the bolt is fixed. After qualified, proceed to the next step.

porcelain enamel steel sheets for biogas reactor

Porcelain enamel steel sheets for biogas reactor quickly by low field assembly method after forming, constitute a specialized anaerobic reactor equipment, makes the body of the biogas engineering equipment equipment to advanced skills, making reasonable, function good, good corrosion resistance, convenient repair, looks beautiful.

Porcelain enamel steel sheets tanks data with high anti-corrosion class enamel layer prefabricated steel plate assembly in a bolted way, bolt it to add special sealing material leak proof, this kind of prefabricated steel form protective layer can not only prevent corrosion of tank, and have the function of the resistance to acid and alkali.

In the enamelled steel plate, the two sides are lined with two layers of high and lazy glaze, usually the blue glaze layer and the green glaze layer, and the center is the alloy steel plate for enamelling. porcelain enamel steel sheets for bolted biogas reactor Coating color: specification color is dark green, or according to user request. Coating thickness: 0.25 ~ 0.45mm, double-sided coating.

biogas assembled tank

biogas assembled tank

porcelain enamel steel sheets for biogas reactorAcid and alkalinity: standard coating applied pH value: 3 ~ 11. The special coating has a pH value of 1 ~ 14. Adhesion force: 3,450 N/cm projectile: approximately 500 kN/mm hard: 6.0 (used in a modometer) for a life span of more than 30 years.


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