uasb reactor tank

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uasb reactor tank introduce

Uasb reactor tank is a kind of anaerobic biological reaction tank treated with sewage, and its superiority is gradually recognized and valued in the treatment of high concentration organic wastewater.

uasb reactor tank

UASB reactor was set at the top of the gas and solid and liquid three-phase separator, the lower part of sludge suspension layer and sludge bed, wastewater by uniform pumping sludge bed area at the bottom of the reactor, and anaerobic sludge fully contact reaction, organic matter is decomposed into biogas anaerobic microorganisms.

uasb reactor tank Liquid, gas and solids form a mixture flow to the three-phase separator, so that the three are well separated, and the organic compounds above 80% are converted to biogas to complete the wastewater treatment process. uasb reactor tank advantages are mainly reflected in the formation of granular sludge, which greatly improves the concentration of sludge in the reactor, so that the time of water retention is greatly reduced, thus improving operation efficiency.

NVirotech In-depth study of traditional UASB reactor, developed a new type of efficient enamel assembly UASB anaerobic tank, not only retained the traditional advantage of UASB reactor tanks, also gives its new characteristics, won a number of patented technology.

biogas reactor tank

biogas reactor tank

uasb reactor tank manufacturers

Uasb reactor tank can effectively dispose of high concentration organic wastewater, such as alcohol wastewater, starch wastewater, citric acid wastewater, beer wastewater, etc., and produce biogas to obtain biomass benefit. Uasb reactor tank also has good effects on refractory high concentration organic wastewater, such as leather wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, coking wastewater, landfill leachate, petrochemical wastewater, etc.

NVirotech undertakes the design, construction and commissioning of an integrated engineering project for the anaerobic part of high concentrations of organic waste water, which can be built in the whole of UASB anaerobic tanks and can be separately supplied with a three-phase separation system.

In the appearance of Uasb reactor tank, the traditional carbon steel structure is replaced by the enamel assembly structure, which is beautiful and rugged, with superior anticorrosion performance, which greatly reduces the construction cost and extends the service life.

Uasb reactor tank absorb expanded granular sludge bed reactor EGSB and IC internal circulation anaerobic reactor engineering advantage, the introduction of creative outside circulation system, using inner loop and outer loop combination of promoting the formation of granular sludge and stable, compared with the traditional Uasb reactor, processing efficiency increased by 60%, covers an area of decreased by 40%;

enamel bolted USR integration reactor

enamel bolted USR integration reactor

Uasb reactor tank manufacturers of NVirotech bottom swirling water distribution system, the sewage in the rise by vortex in the reactor, with hydraulic mixing uniform water distribution and prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of short flow, the hydraulic climbing speed of 5 ~ 12 m/h, granular sludge keep sustainable expansion state, contact with the waste water of organic matter more fully, high mass transfer efficiency, high removal rate of organic matter.


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