Biogas enamel tank introduce

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what is Biogas enamel tank

Biogas enamel tank is the general name of all kinds of storage tanks used in biogas engineering, and the storage of various fermentative materials is made by enamel assembly can.

Biogas enamel tank introduce

The design of biogas engineering adopts the following safe production and labor protection methods to ensure the safety of production and personnel safety. (1) Biogas enamel tank the production structure shall be convenient for operation and walking operation platform, walkway

board or safety fence and handrail.2) all kinds of biogas enamel tank electrical equipment shall be protected according to the relevant regulations of the country.

3) the placement of electrical equipment and mechanical equipment shall pay attention to the safe operation interval and space.

4) in all the buildings that can attack the toxic gas, there are ventilation equipment and the production of the pipe workers.

5) the biogas station shall draw up the corresponding safety operation rules before the task, and the operators shall carry out the necessary technical and safety protection common sense training before the operation, so as to ensure the safety task of the biogas station.

6) the degree of Biogas enamel tank automatic control, reduced labor intensity, as far as possible to prevent direct touching of sewage and toxic, harmful liquid and gas.

biogas assembled tank

biogas assembled tank

7) the biogas station is equipped with fire fighting equipment, air breathing apparatus, gas mask and other safety protection equipment.

biogas enamel tank introduce

The biogas project shall draw up the protection and protection scheme of the full-court equipment. The scheme shall include the following items:

1) biogas enamel tank equipment, instruments and fixed asset CARDS;

biogas enamel tank part records; repair schedule; annual repair and protection budget and expenses.

the "biogas project" shall establish the standard of protection, biogas enamel tank regular protection and protection of the three levels.

3) professional repair personnel must inquire about the protection scheme of electromechanical equipment and disposal equipment and check the inspection criteria.

4) maintenance of key parts of boiler, pressure vessel and other equipment shall be taken by the repair unit recognized by the safety working part.

5) the construction of the floor, the lightning protection of the structures, the repair of the explosion-proof equipment shall be in accordance with the rules of the climate and fire department, and the relevant part of the time test shall be declared.

6) the repairman shall, in accordance with the requirements of the equipment, regularly inspect and replace the safety and fire protection equipment and equipment.

7) check and tighten the connecting parts of the equipment regularly, and check the control elements, manual and electric interlocking devices of the electric valve.

8) the open channels between the structures should be regularly arranged to make sure that they are accessible.

9) all kinds of process pipelines painted with different color paint or paint shall be protected by the time of request, and the color shall not be changed in private.

the equipment and equipment of "biogas project" shall biogas enamel t

biogas reactor tank enamel steel plate

biogas reactor tank enamel steel plate

ank be more than 95%.


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