GLS storage tank for sale

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GLS storage tank for sale

Through the cooperation with the national scientific research institute and the technical exchange with foreign companies, the gls storage tank has been developed and developed from the middle of the 90s. Through more than ten years' efforts, the technology of GLS storage tank can has reached the same level of the same kind of foreign products.

GLS storage tank for salet

How to repair the gls storage tank plate damage:

We have special protective measures for the transportation and installation of gls storage tank plates, resulting in minimal damage. In case of force majeure factors causing damage to the steel plate, we will make maintenance plans according to the damaged area, such as slight porcelain loss, small area, and sealant point repair. If the porcelain area is slightly larger, we will use enamel repair agent for repair; if a large area of porcelain, we will replace a new gls storage tank plates free of charge.

The service life of the gls storage tank plate:

The service life of gls storage tank plate is 30 years at present. The 30 years are considered that the life of the steel will be longer if the life of the sealant is considered. If 30 years later, the tank should continue to be used, replacing sealants and bolts.

The scope of use of gls storage tank plate:

The common enamel of enamel plate can withstand the corrosion of pH value 3-11. The special enamel can be resistant to PH1-14, so the general clear water, waste water, waste liquid and dry bulk can be stored. What needs special explanation is that the medium that can react with glass can not be stored, such as fluorine containing medium.


enamel assembled water tank

Currently, the widely used fields are: 1, storage: drinking water, water proof, desalting water, cement storage tank, grain storage tank, mud tank and so on; 2, sewage treatment: regulating pool, hydrolytic pool, anaerobic tank, nitration tank, etc.; including all circular containers applied to other industries.

Benefits of application of GLS storage tank in engineering companies

In the traditional pool, the steel mixing pool or welding tank are generally used. First, the steel mixed pool belongs to the civil construction content. The engineering company generally outsourced, and this part of the contract amount is not profit. And if enamel enamel jar, it can reduce the amount of civil construction contract, increase the income of the equipment part; secondly, the quality of the carbon steel welding tank is difficult to control, the rust and corrosion prevention is tedious, the weather is affected, the construction time is long, and 3-5 years after regular preservation and maintenance. The construction of gls storage tank can can be achieved by splicing the factory's precast steel plate at the same time, with high speed, convenient quality control and no maintenance at the later stage.

The gls storage tank can be combined with various processes to form a packed reactor and increase the added value of the product. It has a better appearance and can improve the image of the project. It can also be relocated, expanded, and recovered.

The seal of the three-phase separator mainly depends on the edge plate, the edge flat iron and the oil resistant rubber.

First, the bottom bracket of the three-phase separator is welded with 3mm thick edge plate, one end of the edge plate is aligned with the inner ring to the inside of the bracket, the other end is 5mm, the tank wall and the edge plate are perforated in the corresponding position, the distance is 200mm, and the 4mm thick oil resistant rubber covers the flat iron, the tank wall and the circumferential ring ring of the sealing plate, so that the thickness of the thick oil resistant rubber cover is connected to the strong bolt, so it is protected by the tight bolt. It proves good air tightness.

Food storage tank

Food storage tank


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