Biogas fermentation tank best solution enamel assembled tank

2017-09-18 17:24:33  By:NVirotech Bolted Tank (1701)

what is biogas enamel assembled tank?

biogas enamel assembled tank is new biogas reactor, its mainly composed of enamel steel plate, self-locking bolt and sealant. It has the advantages of short construction period, low cost, strong corrosion resistance, and can be arbitrarily expanded and moved.

biogas enamel assembled tank

Biogas fermentation tank is an important equipment in the project of biogas project, is the equipment for the bottom of the cone bottom of the vertical cylinder. Biogas fermentation tank is mainly composed of skirt seat, lower cone, tube body, upper cover head and takeover, etc., which is used for generating biogas and carrying the core equipment of fermentation.

The traditional biogas fermentation tank is complex, long period, complicated structure design and high cost, which is not suitable for small and medium sewage treatment projects. The welding of steel structure welding can't guarantee the quality of the construction, and it has poor anticorrosion performance, short service life and small pool capacity.

biogas enamel assembled tank use new equipment, new materials, new technology to design and build new biogas fermentation tank, has the advantages of stable quality, strong corrosion resistance, short construction period, low cost, optional expansion and mobile.

Biogas fermentation tank best solution enamel assembled tank

Biogas fermentation tank best solution enamel assembled tank, The specific advantages are as follows:

biogas assembled tank

biogas assembled tank

  • biogas enamel assembled tank has good quality and strong resistance to corrosion
  • Enamelled steel plate is fully manufactured in the factory and is highly standardized. After a series of tests, it is necessary for the factory to be manufactured and the quality is stable. Enamel is my company independent development of titanium alloy steel special steel plate, thickness can be up to 12 mm, through special craft processing, steel in steel plate inside and outside two or three layer of enamel coating, coating thickness of 300 microns. The steel plate is heated and polymerized to form a strong binding force between the enamel layer and the steel plate. The protective coating formed by enamel coating can not only prevent the corrosion of tank body, but also have the characteristics of anti-strong acid, strong alkali and high temperature.

  • biogas enamel assembled tank installation cycle is short
  • Enamelled steel plates are manufactured in factories and standardized production. After packaging and transportation to the construction site for assembly, the connection of steel plate is completely bolted, and we have developed special installation tools to make the installation very simple. The installation process is small and the installation cycle is easy to control.

  • biogas enamel assembled tank is simple installation, maintenance, low cost
  • Enamelled steel of high strength and excellent anticorrosion performance can save a lot of material, and the installation of simple, rapid and can save a lot of artificial, all of these decide the enamel reactor assembled has great advantage on price. In particular, the height reached more than 5m, with the larger volume of the tank, the advantage is more obvious.


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