Design and construction of enamel steel plate

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enamel steel plate design

Design and construction of enamel steel plate is the most important two part of enamel steel plate. Many people don't know how to design and construct enamel steel. Today we will introduce the design and installation of enamel rigid frame for you in detail.

Design and construction of enamel steel plate

Enamel steel plate is a composite material which is made of high quality steel plate as base material, processed by electrostatic dry process and sintered with inorganic non-metallic materials at high temperature, so that chemical bonds between them are formed. It is a perfect combination of metal and inorganic materials.

The enamel plate has the flexibility of the steel plate, and the inorganic enamel layer is super strong acid and alkali resistant, durable, non flammable, easy to clean, safe, environmental protection and so on.

It is widely used in China and abroad, and now it is also used in home furnishing appliances and water heaters at home, and is also widely used in construction industry, especially in subway stations, underground passageways, tunnel decoration and so on.

Enamel steel plate is widely used in newly built subway stations because of its characteristics of cleaning and corrosion resistance. Now I will talk about its planning and construction in the actual application of subway.

Because in the subway wind load is the largest lateral load, considering the deformation of the plate is larger, can choose the reinforcing ribs and curtain wall aluminum veneer in the back, in the back with a U type channel, may reduce the height or width, because the planner on the lattice, we finally choose calcium silicate board in the lining enamel slabs on the back lining, calcium silicate board can ensure enamel slabs in glazing is not deformed, the construction method of bonding is also very convenient, on the wall, the lateral force and can ensure the surface stress is uniform, to ensure the smoothness of.

enamel steel plate manufacturers

enamel steel plate manufacturers

enamel steel plate construction

The subway station belongs to underground buildings. The whole year's wind is gust. When considering the protection of enamel steel plate, it is planned to be detachable, and each panel is separate, and the selection of horizontal slit and vertical no seams will make it more convenient to protect.

Because the vertical force of the plate is primarily self weight, so that it can be completed and dismantled. We learn how to hook the aluminum plate. The perforated steel plate is fixed through the screw rod, and the connection between the hanging piece and the plate is selected. Follow the standard metal curtain wall and stone, the main keel with a special channel, after a corner bolt connection, to complete the import and the adjustable, adjustable reason about postposition embedded parts, bolt main keel lattice on a long range of bolt holes placed fixed pendant.

Enamel steel plate with the tensile force in the vertical form, let screw tight convergence plate hole and the upper hanging on the main keel, vertical screw holes and the lower hanging keel plate on a ground side close touch, with a thin rubber pad and the screw connection in the pendant, avoid direct metal touch noise.

In enamelled steel construction, so the embedded parts followed by metal curtain wall and stone standard using selected chemical bolts, after the device, according to the load planning required for drawing on the test, the main keel device priority import a joint and straightness, because the keel and the selection of the connection bracket bolts the cohesion, straightness can be sure.

biogas reactor tank enamel steel plate

biogas reactor tank enamel steel plate

The screw used for the pendant is worn on the main keel and adjusted before the enamel plate is installed. The thin rubber pad with a hole on the screw in the keel slot can be started from the arbitrary direction and the construction area is large.

When the device is placed, the lower part of the panel is first entered into the screw, then the upper and the hanging parts are inserted into the screw, and the position of the adjusting board is ensured. The flatness of the entire wall panel should be ensured. All the links in the construction and the construction should be controlled and the error is adjustable.


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