GFS tank for sewage treatment

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GFS tank for sewage treatment introduce

A kind of GFS tank for sewage treatment is characterized in that each layer of tank body is made up of one piece of enamel sheet and spliced and spliced, in which the opposite edges of each enamel plate are fitted with a corresponding connecting hole and fastened with a bolt, and the two plates with overlapping joints are inlaid with soft nature.

GFS tank for sewage treatment

The sealing layer is pressed into the outer edge of each enamel plate and fastened with a bolt, and a soft seal coating is embedded between the plate and the board interface of the joint.

The utility model can make the enamel plated steel plate of 2-4mm into a reaction tank with a volume of 100-5000m3 through special equipment. It has anti acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, short construction period, convenient expansion, light self weight and low cost, and saves 30-50% more than the single cost of reinforced concrete and universal welded steel structure.

It has long service life. The utility model can not only be applied to sewage treatment projects of small towns, various water supply and drainage works, but also widely used as various tank storage devices.


In recent years, the urban sewage treatment in China has developed rapidly, and the rate of sewage treatment has reached more than eighty percent. However, most of the small and medium-sized cities and towns which are strongly contrasted to the sewage discharge, collection and treatment have not matched the corresponding treatment measures;

there are nearly 20 thousand small and medium-sized cities and towns in our country. In the long run, the future of the country, the future of the country.

To increase the sewage treatment rate of small and medium-sized cities and towns, the "13th Five-Year" period will usher in the large development period of sewage treatment in small and medium-sized cities and towns, and the sewage treatment of small and medium-sized cities and towns becomes the most potential market.

Due to the lack of relevant technical standards, standards, regulations and policies for the sewage treatment of small and medium-sized cities and towns, the construction and construction of many small and medium-sized municipal wastewater treatment plants in China have been designed and constructed in accordance with the relevant standards and standards of the existing municipal sewage treatment plants. The following problems are as follows:

the process of urban sewage treatment plant is copied, the structure is mainly steel mixed structure, the project has large investment, large area, complex construction and long construction period. The sewage treatment process is mainly activated sludge process or its deformation process. When the water quality and water fluctuate, the system resistance load capacity is poor and many can not be done. To stabilize the standard discharge.

enamel assembled tank

enamel assembled tank

In the process of wastewater treatment with biofilm as the main process, most of the domestic sewage treatment materials have the following kinds: combination packing, three-dimensional elastic packing, soft filler, semi soft filler and so on. Its specific surface area is small and its service life is not long. It is necessary to build packing support frame to install, if the installation can not be tightened. Aeration will also cause the packing to fall off or winding, affecting the effect of sewage treatment. The service life of filler is not long, and it will be replaced in 3-5 years.

Practical new content

In view of the problems existing in the domestic sewage treatment facilities in small and medium-sized cities and towns, the purpose of the utility model is to provide an integrated device used for the treatment of small and medium-sized towns and towns with enamel assembly body as the main body, to solve the traditional technology with large investment, large land occupation, complex construction, long construction period and poor impact load tolerance.

The device adopts the technology of A/ and suspension packing, combined with the technology of enamel assembling tank and suspended packing, combined into an integrated sewage treatment device, to realize biological carbon removal, denitrification, disinfection, sludge storage and other functions, and the effluent after treatment can reach the standard discharge. In order to achieve the above purposes, the utility model adopts the following technical proposal:

An integrated enamel assembly tank sewage treatment device, which is separated into a oxygen pool, an aerobic pool, a two grade aerobic pool, a sedimentation tank, a sterilizing pool, a sludge reservoir and other 6 parts through 2 annular enamel assembly tanks and 5 steel mixed walls, and the inner tank is a anoxic pool and the annular area between the inside and outside tanks is separated.

The first grade aerobic pool, two grade aerobic pool, sedimentation tank, sterilizing pool and sludge reservoir are separated by steel mixed wall and fan-shaped outside the anoxic pool. The base of the device is steel mixing foundation, and the outside tank is equipped with climbing ladder and aisle, and the anoxic pool connects the first grade aerobic pool through the water hole and the first grade aerobic pool. The time of the two grade aerobic pool is also connected with the water through the hole.

The two grade aerobic pool is connected by the outlet pipe to the central pipe of the sedimentation tank. The effluent of the sedimentation tank is collected through the effluent weir, and the disinfection pool is connected through the pipe, and the disinfection pool has a water outlet pipe.

The GFS tank can be made up of enamel plate, special sealing material and self locking bolt. Each tank body is made up of a piece of enamel plate, which is connected with a relative hole in the lateral edge of each enamel plate and is fastened with a bolt, and the connection place is heavy.

enamel assembled tank related knowledge

enamel assembled tank related knowledge

There are soft sealing sealant between the two plates. The tank body is equipped with many reinforcing bars, and the stiffeners are fixed on the screw fastening parts between the plates.The outside tank is equipped with a climbing ladder and a walkway. The climbing ladder is located on the side of the outer tank. The aisle is located outside the top of the outer tank and extends to the inner tank so as to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the operators.

The device is based on a 50 cm thickness steel mixing structure, double bi-directional steel bar laying, no floor in the enamel assembly tank, fixed on the steel mix and sealed with special sealant through the expansion screw. On the concrete foundation, the center tube of the anoxic pool, the aerator pipe and the aerator support, the center pipe support of the sedimentation tank are fixed with the expansion screw.


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