glass lined tanks

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glass lined tanks strength

The strength of glass lined tanks is much stronger than that of some resin tanks, and the performance of compression resistance is very strong.

glass lined tanks

FRP is made up of glass fiber and resin. Generally speaking, the ratio of glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks is 7:1, so this method can withstand a great deal of unidirectional pressure. But if there is a two-way pressure, our presentation can be changed to a two-way presentation. Of course, if it is not clear about the force situation, we can choose more ways of presentation.

Compared with ordinary carbon steel, the comprehensive cost of pultrusion of glass lined tanks is low. The ground and drainage ditch of strong alkali chemical solvent corrosion.

Oil resistant, high temperature resistant and aging resistance. Resistance to aging and flame retardancy. The reinforced material and coupling agent were treated for 50 years. It is replacing carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, nonferrous metals and so on. Whether glass fiber reinforced plastic products can meet hygienic requirements, the key is the choice of lining resin, that is, food grade resin must be selected. The effect of comprehensive dust suppression is very obvious.

The color matching is accurate, the color is uniform, the color is bright, and there is no color difference between batches. It is beautiful, colorful, easy to clean and dust free. The local transportation is convenient, the situation is pleasant, and the old books are abundant. After more than 60 years in the world, China has been studying for more than 30 years. Its function is superior, and its operation is convenient to reach the level of children in the same industry. It is thoughtful to receive our new and old customers to choose our products.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

glass lined tanks price

It has a long service life and can generally be used for twenty years. The index of manufactured goods has reached the junior level of similar products abroad. The filler is made of high quality modified polychloroethane film to spread the water area.

1, good applicability of commodity

2, light weight, simple protection and durability.

3, corrosion resistance, selection of different types of anticorrosive lining resin, suitable for different types of acid, alkali, salt and a variety of oil, sea water and organic solvents.

4, the device is simple, the length of the fiberglass pipe is not restricted by the technology, but for the sake of transportation, the length of the pipe is generally reduced by the 12m.

5 and high transport capacity, the inner wall of the pipe is smooth N less than 0.0084. It has higher circulation than the traditional data with the same diameter, and saves the energy of the pump to prolong the life of the project.

6, permeation rate bottom, because of the outstanding sealing connection and long tube length, the glass tube has lower permeable rate than the traditional data tube, thus greatly alleviates the penetration of the underground water to the pipe, and reduces the pollution of the medium exudation to the soil and the groundwater.

7, strict inspection standards, the company has leading inspection equipment, strict implementation of inspection standards to ensure the quality of goods.

The classification, raw materials, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and product marks of FRP filament wound reinforced plastic tanks (hereinafter referred to as tanks)Packing, transportation and storage. It is suitable for the manufacture of winding method.A vertical and horizontal cylindrical storage tank for storing liquids at atmospheric pressure.

Resins for making tanks can be selected from unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin and SW vinyl resin according to their requirements. According to the requirements, it is agreed that both other suppliers and suppliers can use other resins that are suitable for winding.

bolted tank calculation formula

bolted tank calculation formula

unsaturated polyester resin should meet the requirements of CB8237. Other resins should be in accordance with the corresponding standard.

resins should usually contain no color, fuel, colorants or fillers. Except for the following cases.

non alkali FRP roving shall comply with the requirements of JC/T277, and medium alkali FRP roving shall conform to JC/T278.

non alkali FRP roving shall meet the requirements of JC/T281.

fiberglass chopped strand felt and surface felt shall be chemically compatible with the resin system.

can also be made of organic fiber surface felt or other material.


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