enamel assembled tank related knowledge

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enamel assembled tank related knowledge introduce

enamel assembled tank is very popular in the now the society,today NVirotech introduce enamel assembled tank related knowledge

 enamel assembled tank related knowledge

The enamel assembled tank is made of enamel plate, usually with 2 ~ 4mm thick steel plate. After the engineering design requirements, two to three layers of enamel coating are coated on both sides of the steel plate. The coating between the enamel layer and the steel plate is strongly combined to form a protective layer formed by this coating not only to prevent the tank rot from decay.

The coating color is usually green, and the thickness of the coating is 2.5 ~ 4.5mm, which is suitable for the value of 3~11, and the special coating is suitable for the pH value of 1~14, and the adhesion of the coating is 3450N/cm. It is the same as steel plate, about 200kN/mm, and its hardness is 6. Because it is flexible enamel, it will not crack when steel plate is impacted or bent by heavy objects.

In addition to the reactor for anaerobic fermentation and aerobic treatment of organic sewage, the enamel assembled tank can also be used for storage of various liquids and solids.

enamel assembled tank

enamel assembled tank

Technical points of enamel assembled tank

The key to the assembling and making technology of enamel assembled tank is that the whole structure of the tank material is designed as a whole, and the amount of steel is greatly reduced. The corrosion of the steel can be solved by the development and utilization of the special anticorrosion material. The enamel assembled tank is not only corrosion-resistant, but also because of the flexible enamel, the steel plate can be flexed in the field.

1.Selection and processing of plates.

According to the size of the enamel equipment and the technical economy of the whole assembly, the suitable plate size is: long x width = (2 ~ 2.8) m x (1~2) m plate thickness, the calculated diameter of 5 ~ 30m, the height of the enamel assembled tank with a height of 6.5m, the thickness of the plate is only 1 to 3.0mm, and the rigidity of the tank is taken into account. The steel plate with the thickness of 2 ~ 5.0mm can be used to meet the requirements of the project. The steel plate can be tailored according to the requirements of the design, and then the bolt hole and enamel can be assembled on the spot.

Assembly of enamel assembled tank.

Because the enamel steel plate is a plate type structure, the assembly is the main process of the field construction, which is usually carried out from top to bottom. is a plate type structure, the assembly is the main process of the field construction, which is usually carried out from top to bottom.

The splicing between the enamel plate and the steel plate are overlapped and fastened with the bolt. A special sealing material is embedded between the enameled steel plate and the bolt. The sealing material is made of HM106 high strength waterproof sealant, which is developed by reference to the American military standard MIL-S-38294. Seal. Mainly used in the aircraft cabin, cabin cover equipment etc.

Basic treatment of enamel assembled tank.

wastewater storage tanks design

wastewater storage tanks design

The bottom of the enamel assembled tank is usually made of reinforced concrete structure, because the material used in the enamel plate tank is less. When the foundation bearing capacity is calculated, it can hardly consider the pressure requirement for the foundation. In the reservation tank, the tank and the embedded parts are fixed with bolts and then sealed with the materials such as expansive concrete and asphalt.

The enamel assembled tank can not only build the industrial and provincial materials, but also can be dismantled at will. The enamel steel plate dismantled to other places can be reused. Only a small amount of investment is needed to buy some bolts and sealants.


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