Technology of GFS tank

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Technology of GFS tank

Nowdays,the technology of GFS tank is very popular in the world,today NVirotech introduce what is the technology of GFS tank.

Technology of GFS tank

At present, the industrial wastewater, the small and medium municipal sewage engineering and the biomass energy biogas engineering have gradually changed from the traditional on-site civil construction to the integrated equipment assembly type. The technology of GFS tank is adapted to the industry development requirements.

It is made up of enameled steel plate, special sealing material, self locking bolt and so on. Through special technology and equipment, the enamel plate can be built into a volume 50-10000m3 reactor with a service life for up to 30 years. Through several decades of engineering verification, the technology has the advantages of short construction period, low cost, strong corrosion resistance, arbitrary expansion and movement and so on, so that the sewage plant has reached the target of less investment, rapid production and relocating.

Structural characteristics:

The imported hot-rolled steel plate is processed by numerical control bending, and enamel glaze is sprayed on both sides of the steel plate, which is sintered at high temperature.

* standard color: green, or according to user requirements;

* coating thickness: 0.25 ~ 0.45mm, the coating on both sides; our GFS tank Cases

* acidproof alkalinity: the standard coating is suitable to the pH value of 3~11, the special coating is suitable to the pH value of 1~14;

* Adhesion: 3450 N/cm;

* It is the same with elastic coated steel plate, about 500 kN/mm;

* hardness: 6 (with Mo type hardness tester);

* Service life: more than 30 years.

Engineering advantages:

* This beautiful image promotion project;

waste water tank

waste water tank

* This short construction period, more than two times faster than the construction progress, little affected by weather;

* This equipment integration, high degree of standardization;

* construction investment and low cost, the price is more reasonable;

* More stable quality, excellent corrosion resistance;

* This small and simple installation and maintenance;

* You can realize the relocation, expansion and recovery utilization

Scope of use:

GFS tank can provide all kinds of water containers for any sewage treatment engineering, biogas engineering and petrochemical industry.At present, round structure is mainly introduced, including:

* This storage tank, storage tank, wine, chemical raw material feed tank;

*sedimentation tank, regulating pond, pool, pool of activated carbon desulfurization;

* SBR pool, the biological contact oxidation pond, aeration pool and biological aerated filter;

* USR, CSTR, UASB. The anaerobic reactor, EGSB, IC etc.;

* This softening water tank, demineralized water tank, water storage tank etc.

Because all components of GFS tank are processed in the factory, the quality can be guaranteed, and the installation period is shortened greatly.

The application of GFS tank

1.widely used in anaerobic tank and sewage treatment plant in biogas, sewage treatment, chemical engineering, electric power and other engineering fields. can be applied to steel storage tanks such as granary, oil storage tank, feed storage tank, wine making material tank, etc.

3.It can be used to make drinking water, waste water container, filter, steamer, bioreactor, wastewater sedimentation tank, intermediate process trough, sedimentation tank, fermenting tank and so on. Enamel assembly tank can be used to store all kinds of waste water, liquid and solid materials. It can provide users with effective and practical methods for storing, handling or transporting various fluid solid.

The applicable range of GFS tank can provide all kinds of water containers for any sewage treatment engineering, biogas engineering, and electric power engineering, including: - combined container - silt collecting pool and its replacement pool - sedimentation tank, regulating pool, desulfurization pool, activated carbon pool - SBR pool, contact oxidation pool - anaerobic UASB, EGSB - marsh gas fermentation tank and biogas gas cabinet - softening tank and desalting tank are processed in the factory because all the auxiliary parts of the enamel assembly tank are processed in the factory. The quality can be guaranteed and the installation period of the site is greatly improved.

GFS tank for sewage treatment

GFS tank for sewage treatment


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