Potable Water Steel Tank

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Potable Water Steel Tank manufacturer

Potable Water Steel Tank is made of enamel with high silicon content. Potable Water Steel Tank manufacturer of NVirotech is very professional in China, our Potable Water Steel Tank price is not only cheap, but also excellent quality, warranty for 30 years

Potable Water Steel Tank

Through special technology, the enamel glaze is tightly packed on the surface of metal tires to form a smooth and clean lining layer. Potable Water Steel Tank has fully played the advantages of two kinds of enamel cans (metal and porcelain glaze).

The material, stirring device, heating method, shaft seal structure and volume size used for enamel cans are used. There are many similarities and differences in temperature, pressure and so on. The characteristics of Potable Water Steel Tank are as follows:

The structure of Potable Water Steel Tank is basically the same. In addition to the reaction kettle, there are transmission devices, stirring and heating (or cooling) devices, which can improve the heat transfer conditions, make the reaction temperature more uniform, and do not strengthen the mass transfer process.

The operation pressure of Potable Water Steel Tankis high. The pressure in the kettle is produced by the chemical reaction or the rise of the temperature. The pressure fluctuates greatly. Sometimes the operation is unstable. The sudden pressure rise may exceed several times of the normal pressure. Therefore, most of the reaction vessels belong to the pressure vessel.

The operating temperature of Potable Water Steel Tankis high, so chemical reaction usually needs to be carried out under certain temperature conditions, so the reactor can bear both pressure and temperature. The methods of obtaining high temperature are usually the following:

Water heating: when the temperature is not high, it can be used. The heating system has two kinds: open and closed. Potable Water Steel Tank is composed of circulation pump, tank, pipe and control valve regulator. When high pressure water is used, the mechanical strength of the equipment is high, the surface of the reactor is welded on the outer surface of the kettle, the tube and the wall of the kettle have gap, so that the heat resistance is increased and the heat transfer effect is reduced.

Steam heating: the heating temperature is below 100 centigrade, can be heated by a steam below atmospheric pressure; saturated steam is used in the range of 100~180 C; high pressure superheated steam can be used when the temperature is higher.

storage tank for cleaning of oil field wastewater

storage tank for cleaning of oil field wastewater

Heating with other media: if the process is required to operate at high temperature or to avoid high pressure heating system, other media can be used instead of water and steam, such as mineral oil (275~300 C), biphenyl ether mixture (boiling point 258 C), molten salt (140~540 C), liquid lead (melting point 327 C) and so on.

Potable Water Steel Tank price

Electric heating: the wire is twisted on the insulating layer of the reactor barrel or installed on the special insulators of several distances from the reaction kettle, so a small space gap is formed between the resistance wire and the reactor body. The first three methods to obtain high temperature need to add the jacket on the tank body. Because of the large temperature change, the jacket and shell of the kettle bear temperature variation and produce temperature difference pressure.

When electric heating is used, the equipment is lighter and simpler, the temperature is easier to adjust, and the facilities such as the pump, furnace, chimney and other facilities are not used. The operation is very simple, the risk is not high, the cost is low, but the operation cost is higher than the other heating methods and the thermal efficiency is below 85%, so it is suitable for the heating temperature below 400 C and the electricity price. A lower place.

In the reaction kettle, the chemical reaction is usually carried out to ensure that the reaction can be carried out evenly and quickly, and the efficiency is improved. The corresponding stirring device is usually installed in the reaction kettle, thus the dynamic seal of the transmission shaft and the prevention of leakage are brought.

Potable Water Steel Tank is mostly clearance operation, sometimes to ensure the quality of the product, after each batch of material needs to be cleaned; the top of the kettle is equipped with fast opening manholes and hand holes to facilitate sampling, measuring volume, observing reaction conditions and entering the internal maintenance of the equipment.

waste water tank

waste water tank


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