bolt together silos

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bolt together silos is a closed tank for storing bulk materials. It is suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials. It has the characteristics of rain proof, moisture proof and easy to use.

bolt together silos

bolt together silos is equipped with a material level system, which can show the position and quantity of materials. The arch breaking device can remove the solidity caused by material deposition for too long.

The combination of bolt together silos and bolt pump can convey materials to all positions. bolt together silos is easy to install and safe and reliable. It is an ideal bulk storage tank for various mixing stations. The common specifications of bolt together silos are 100T, 150T, 200T, 300T, 500T and so on, which can be made according to user requirements.

With the continuous increase of railway, highway, bridge and other construction projects, the amount of materials required is also increasing rapidly. The bolt together silos storing powder materials in construction sites have a larger shape, which brings a lot of inconvenience in manufacturing, transportation and installation.

At present, many bolt together silos production enterprises adopt on-site production method, but on-site production has the limitation of equipment, personnel, site and other conditions, and the construction period is longer.

In use, if the project site changes, the bolt together silos can only be treated in situ or transported to the new site after gas cutting for re-welding, which wastes human and material resources. It also increased the time and cost of the project.

Disassembly bolt together silos not only overcome the technical shortcomings mentioned above, but also are not limited by site, equipment and personnel. It is convenient to disassemble, install and transport. It can make bolt together silos recycle, save manpower and material resources, greatly reduce the cost of construction and shorten the construction period.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

bolt together silos introduce

bolt together silos where bulk materials are stored.Agricultural silo and industrial silo are divided into two categories.Agricultural silos are used to store granular and powdered materials such as grain and feed.Industrial silos are used to store bulk materials such as coke, cement, salt and sugar.

The cost of mechanized silo is generally about 1/3 higher than that of mechanized silo, but it can shorten the material loading and unloading process, reduce operation and maintenance cost and eliminate heavy bagging operation, which is conducive to mechanization and automation operation. Therefore, it has become one of the most important bolt together silos forms.

bolt together silos can be built in a high draught area with convenient transportation, residential buildings and public buildings. It is possible to be connected with water supply, drainage, heat supply and power supply.In order to prevent steel corrosion, should not be set near the sea.

In addition to ensuring that the strength of the bolt together silos wall meets the requirements, the design and construction of the bolt together silos should also make the inner wall of the silo smooth and smooth for material loading and unloading.The layout should be reasonable to save space.The mechanized silo is installed at the bottom of the discharge hopper, and the upper access corridor is provided with loading transportation equipment.

During charging, the bulk of the discharge pit is transported through the upper aisle of the hoist and discharged into the horizontal belt conveyor. The belt conveyor unloads the bulk to the grain inlet of the bolt together silos and flows into the silo.

woolong enamel tanks

woolong enamel tanks

When discharging, the bulk material is discharged through the discharge hopper to the lower gallery and transported out by the horizontal belt conveyor.In addition, drying, weighing, emptying, disinfection and cleaning should also be carried out before, during and after grain entering the warehouse. For this reason, corresponding equipment and devices should be provided to gradually implement automation operation.


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