food grain silos tenders

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food grain silos tenders conditions

food grain silos tenders is an important part of the grain bin construction and an important move of the state grain bureau to further promote the construction of grain industry informatization. The successful bid enterprises will have a positive impact on the company's performance.

food grain silos tenders

food grain silos tenders requires an independent legal person and a valid business license; Qualified bidders with the ability to supply the project to provide manufacturing, packaging, transportation, installation, commissioning and maintenance services within the warranty period.

The applicant for food grain silos tenders shall meet the following requirements: the manufacturer of the production capacity of grain warehouse, grain and oil, agricultural machinery, machinery and equipment, riveting and welding, and the manufacturer of the processing capacity of water and electricity welding machinery, and shall have the corresponding ability in personnel and equipment, etc. The registered capital is more than 1 million yuan; the manufacturer must have a standard workshop or workshop of more than 1000 square meters; the equipment for mechanical manufacturing and processing; the storage space of more than 5000 square meters and the hardening space of more than 3000 square meters.

food grain silos tenders of the person in charge of the bidding project and the technical person in charge of the granary shall have the title of relevant professional engineer or above, have the achievements of production, storage and other mechanical engineering, have good reputation, and refuse to be included in the bidding of enterprises or individuals during the period of the government's bad behavior record.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

food grain silos tenders scope: Manufacturing, packaging, transportation, installation, commissioning and maintenance of rectangular grain storage warehouse with steel skeleton during the quality guarantee period.

food grain silos tenders process

food grain silos tenders documents for grain silos are comprehensive technical and economic analysis and demonstration of the market demand, technical scheme, capital plan, financial effect, social impact and investment risk of the proposed grain silos, and submitted to the NDRC, the SFC, the bank or other higher authorities for examination and approval.

food grain silos tenders should inquire the bribery criminal files (including enterprises, legal representatives and project managers) through the procuratorate at the location of the enterprise or the project before bidding. The letter of notification of the results of inquiry of the bribery criminal files (the original) must be valid for two months at the time of registration.

In order to implement the bidding and purchasing mode of granary and the supporting funds of farmers, we should take the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of farmers as the basic objective, strengthen the management of special funds and bidding, strictly prohibit illegal operations, and ensure integrity and norms.

It is reported that the "Special Project for Farmer's Scientific Storage in Sichuan Province in 2009" will allocate 50,000 color steel barns to farmers in 48 counties (cities and districts) of the province, carry out technical services for farmers'grain storage, and establish farmer's grain storage archives.

In order to standardize the management of the "Special Project for Scientific Grain Storage of Farmers in Sichuan Province in 2009", the Provincial Food Bureau, together with the Provincial Finance Department, recently issued the "Work Program for the Special Project for Scientific Grain Storage of Farmers in Sichuan Province in 2009" and the "Provisional Rules for the Implementation of the Special Project for Scientific Grain Storage of Farmers in Sichuan Province (Temporary)", with regard to the implementation conditions, management procedures, fund-raising, etc. Tender, supervision and inspection, special inspection and other links were specifically defined.

steel food grain silo steel food grain silo


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