bolted oil storage tanks

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bolted oil storage tanks introduce

Bolted oil storage tanks is oil refining and petrochemical industry of main storage devices, mainly used for storing oil kind of liquid material, is made of enamel steel sheet, special sealing material, self-locking bolt assembly.

bolted oil storage tanks

Bolted oil storage tanks effectively reduce oil tanks of oil evaporation loss and prevent the fuel from the atmosphere of various factors (such as rain, snow, dust, etc.) the pollution of metamorphism, is main equipment of oil tanks, the current main is vertical cylindrical storage tanks in enamel assembled tank.

Bolted oil storage tank is the most widely used metal oil tank and is the latest product in the oil storage industry. Common metal tank shape, usually upright cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, spherical, etc. Vertical cylindrical storage tank can be divided into the truss roof tank according to the structure on the top of the roof tank, no torque, Liang Zhushi roof tank, the arch type, set a pot and floating roof tank, etc., is one of the most commonly used dome-roof tank and floating roof tank.

Bolted oil storage tank is relatively simple and used to store raw materials oil, refined oil and aromatic products. The floating roof tank is divided into two kinds of floating roof tank and outer floating roof tank. At present, the floating roof tank is widely used in the storage of volatile light oil products at home and abroad, and is a kind of storage tank used for application.

bolts oil storage tank for sale

NVirotech is a professional bolts oil storage tank manufacturer, is the first brand of the enamel assembled tank in China, we have rich experience in project installation and debugging, is a customer of biogas fermentation tank, waste water, oil, feed storage tanks of the professional suppliers.

The surface of the special steel plate is processed by the bolts oil storage tank for sale electrophoresis and spraying process. It forms a uniform coating on the surface of the steel plate, and its hardness, adhesion, corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

enamel bolted tank manufacturer

enamel bolted tank manufacturer

bolted oil storage tanks quality testing, generally used for the penetration test of kerosene, after the test of tightness of the bottom plate is qualified, the water tank should be tested. When waterflood, bolted oil storage tanks on the one hand check whether the weld is seepage, on the other hand should observe the foundation settlement condition. If the problem is found, the water injection should be stopped in a timely manner. After the problem is solved, the water injection will continue to the test height and maintain 24h.


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