sizes of storage tank for biogass

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storage tank for biogass

What are the sizes of storage tank for biogass is a problem that needs to be considered at the beginning of biogas project. The size of biogas storage tank determines the input of biogas project, which is an important link.

sizes of storage tank for biogass

The biogas tank is a biogas tank with a water pressure type biogas digester which can automatically enter and store materials.The biogas tank can be built under the national standard and can be built into a three or four in one water pressure methane tank. It adopts automatic feeding and discharging installation mode without management and never we will introduce what are the sizes of storage tank for biogass.

The thermal insulation biogas tank is a new patented product (ZL200720089403.3) developed for the underground biogas tank which can not be used normally in winter. It uses low cost thermal insulation material and production technology to solve many technical problems in the underground biogas pool. It has small volume, beautiful shape and convenient movement, and its biggest feature is that it can be installed and used without pig.

The production cost is the lowest (which can be produced by the brick base sleeve mold), the production process is simple (manual production), the installation saves labor and labor, the standardization degree is high, suitable for mass production and popularization. The tank can be processed into various shapes and various specifications (4-30 cubic meters) volume capacity according to the requirements. A full seal is used for more than half a year, graded feeding, 2 years for a replacement, and the biogas residue is sterilized thoroughly. It is a "green biological fertilizer" for the production of green food.

In cloudy days without the sun, when the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to adopt the heat preservation technology that only absorbs heat and does not dissipate heat, otherwise it will not be used normally.

This product not only satisfies the normal cooking and cooking of household, but also can be used for lighting, biogas water heater bathing and generator power generation. It has comprehensive economic, ecological, energy and social benefits, and is in line with the national development strategy for environmental protection and energy conservation. The patented technology of thermal insulation biogas tank is not only suitable for underground biogas digesters, but also used on the ground. We hope that people of insight will work together to develop this billion dollar market and contribute to the utilization of renewable energy in China.

what are the sizes of storage tank for biogass can be processed into various shapes and specifications (4-30 cubic meters) volume capacity according to requirements, suitable for various occasions. The daily gas production is more than 2-10 cubic meters. There is no need for maintenance and management, no gas storage device, and no need for other heating equipment. Fermentation technology can use straw (wheat straw, corn stalks, rice straw, weeds, leaves, domestic waste and other easily decomposed substances) and feces. Flange cover design, opening, sealing is very simple.

what are the sizes of storage tank for biogas

what are the sizes of storage tank for biogas

sizes of storage tank for biogass with boltde tank

The dry fermentation technology is completely sealed for more than six months at a time, and the biogas residue produced is a "green bio fertilizer" for producing green food. The materials used for thermal insulation biogas tanks are several kinds of materials that are lower in price and longer in service life. After being used, the performance can exceed the national standard and belong to the new composite coagulant hydraulic material. Fundamentally solved the problem of magnesite not waterproof, plastic concrete without frost resistance, long production cycle and other quality and life problems. The actual service life of thermal insulation biogas tank exceeds 15 years of national requirements.

The main body of the double layer membrane biogas tank is made of special UV light cured modified PVDF film. The tank is composed of outer membrane, inner membrane, bottom membrane and accessory equipment. It has good ability to resist ultraviolet and various microbiological corrosion. It has a high degree of plan and meets the EU standard.

The outer membrane uses the air intake blower to adjust the constant pressure. The outer membrane regulates the pressure of the intimal biogas by the blower when the internal gas of the inner wall is reduced. When the amount of methane is increased, the inner membrane of the inner membrane is normally expanded and the outer membrane of the outer membrane is discharged through the safety valve, so that the pressure of the tank body is always maintained at a constant pressure design value.

The heat preservation principle of the adjustable membrane gas storage cabinet is that the air is filled between the inner and outer membrane, which can effectively block the entry of cold air from outside.

The biogas storage tank is bell shaped gas tank with a volume of 50 to 5000M3. The biogas digester can be reinforced concrete structure or Lipu tank. The bell type gas tank is made of the imported film material. It is made up of inner and outer double layers, consisting of the inner and outer layers, the outer film, the steel structure, the blower, the observation hole, the ultrasonic measuring instrument and the accessories.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Methane reaction tank, also known as anaerobic fermentation tank, refers to the process of methane and carbon dioxide, such as methane and carbon dioxide, to form a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, such as methane and carbon dioxide, by the decomposition and metabolism of various kinds of microorganisms under certain water, temperature and anaerobic conditions.


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