steel food grain silo

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steel food grain silo for sale

steel food grain silo is a storage tool consisting of riveting, welding or combination of steel plates. This means the warehouse part of steel warehouse, or small steel warehouse. steel food grain silo have a history of more than 100 years. They were first widely used abroad. The steel silos used for grain storage originated in the early 20th century. At the end of 1970s,steel food grain silo almost replaced any type of grain silos in foreign grain industry.

steel food grain silo

steel food grain silo construction is basically not affected by season, weather and other factors, the use of enterprises can quickly achieve good economic benefits.

steel food grain silo can be made of hot-dip galvanized coils, flat plates, or galvanized sheets.

All parts of steel food grain silo are standard components, which are replaceable. Users can easily replace damaged parts and prolong service life if damage or rust occurs during the use process.

steel food grain silo can be rebuilt and demolished, especially for users of rental sites.

steel food grain silo can realize the form of external columns and facilitate the flow of grain within the warehouse.

steel food grain silo is less airtight, but with silica gel sealant, it can meet the requirements of tightness.

steel food grain silo can realize double layer insulation structure conveniently, and the cost increases little.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

steel food grain silo development

The application and development of steel food grain silo technology in grain industry started late in China. In 1980s, the construction of steel food grain silo in China has made unprecedented progress. Our country began to produce, manufacture and install assembly steel food grain silo in large quantities, which made the strength, performance and safety of steel food grain silo reliable, and exported steel food grain silo as a product in large quantities.

steel food grain silo can store granular, powdery, grain and oil, food, brewing, coal, building materials and so on. They are widely used in industry and agriculture, urban and rural areas and environmental protection industries.

steel food grain silo has the characteristics of light weight, low requirement for foundation (average half of the construction cycle of reinforced concrete silo), small occupancy area, labor saving and low cost. It can also be processed and synthesized with two different materials by using double-deck panel, which can reduce the construction cost.

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Food storage tank


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