gls tank manufacturers in china

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gls tank manufacturers in china

gls tank can be used to store all kinds of waste water, liquid and solid materials. It can provide users with effective practical methods for storing, handling or transporting various fluid solid.

gls tank manufacturers in china

1、The gls tank can be used to store the following items:

Asbestos, bone meal, bone meal, calcium chloride, calcium chloride, powder, feather food, fish food, meat food, malt, milk powder, cement, feed, grain, sodium chloride, carbamate, sodium sulfate, wood powder, compressed potato slices, wood, soap water, wood, salt, dried fruit, cocoa powder, bean powder and so on, enamel, etc. The gls tank can also be used as a storage tank for all kinds of corrosive liquids.

2. The gls tank can be used for the following purposes:

Drinking water container, wastewater container, static filter, steamer, mixing pool, bioreactor, neutralization reaction container, wastewater sedimentation tank, intermediate process trough, sedimentation tank, silt tank, silt receiver, multilayer filter, fermenting tank, mixing and sedimentation tank, filter liquid receiving tank, pool and so on. The jar cans and storage tanks have gradually established a credible image inindustrial and domestic sewage treatment plants.

3. The physical properties of the enamel layer materials of the assembled cans:

Coating color: standard color is dark green, or according to user requirements.。

Coating thickness: 0.25 ~ 0.45mm, two sides coating.

Acid resistance basicity: standard coating suitable for pH value: 3~11。

The application of pH for special coating is: 1~14。

Adhesive force: 3450 N/cm

Elasticity: same as coated steel plates, about 500 kN/mm

Hardness: 6.0>

Service life: over 30 years

4. The scope of application of gls tank manufacturers in china

Thegls tank manufacturers in china can provide all kinds of water containers for any sewage treatment works, biogas projects and power projects, including:

Combined container

Silt collecting pool and its replacement pool

Sedimentation tank, regulating pool, desulphurization pool, activated carbon pool

SBR pool and contact oxidation tank

UASB、EGSB Biogas fermented tank and biogas gas cabinet

Softening water tank and desalting tank

gls tanks supplier from china

gls tanks supplier from china

Because all auxiliaries of the enamel assembly can be processed in the factory, the quality can be guaranteed, and the installation period of the enamel can be greatly improved.

gls tank manufacturers in china advantage

1、Beautiful appearance

The gls tank manufacturers in china is mainly made up of enamel steel plate, self locking bolt and sealant, etc. the main component is enamel assembled steel plate. Enamel plate is a double and double-layer enamel for enamel special steel plate. The surface of enamel is smooth and moist. It has the characteristics of porcelain. The standard color is green and bright and bright. It is especially suitable for the requirements of modern construction. You can also use any other color according to the user's request.

2. Strong corrosion resistance

Enamel special steel plate is a special steel plate for titanium alloy developed by our company. The thickness can reach 12mm. steel after special process. Two to three layers of enamel coating is coated on both sides of the steel plate. The thickness of the coating is 300 m. The steel plate is heated and polymerized to form a strong bonding force between the enamel layer and the steel plate. The protective layer formed by enamel coating can not only prevent the corrosion of the tank, but also has the characteristics of strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance and high temperature resistance.

3、Short installation period

Enamel assembled steel plate is used in factory production and standardized production. After packing, it is transported to the construction site to be assembled. The connection of the steel plate is completely bolt connected, and we have developed a special installation tool to make the installation very simple. The installation process is affected by the weather, and the installation cycle is easy to control.

4、Simple installation and maintenance

The installation of the enamel assembling tank is a special installation tool. The workers install the top plate of the tank on the ground, then the height of the one laminate is raised by the special tool, then the second ring plate is attached, so that the operation is repeated until the tank is installed. From beginning to end, workers only need to stand on the ground to operate simply and safely. Enamel steel plate has excellent anticorrosive properties, which ensures that the maintenance of enamel assembly can be very simple.

5、Capacity expansion and migration

The gls tank manufacturers in china is made up of a standard enamel plate, which can be dismantled or reloaded on the tank after completion and operation. It can easily achieve the expansion and migration of the tank.

waste water tank

waste water tank


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