industrial wastewater storage tank design

2017-12-19 19:25:32  By:NVirotech Bolted Tank (1277)

what is industrial wastewater storage tank

industrial wastewater storage tank is used to store waste water in the process of industrial production, to prevent the direct discharge of industrial waste water and to cause harm to the environment. There are many kinds of industrial wastewater, the composition is complex, often contain a variety of toxic substances, only after the industrial wastewater storage and then take the corresponding purification measures after disposal, can be discharged.

industrial wastewater storage tank design

industrial wastewater storage tank transport precautions, According to the delivery status, the product shall not be turned upside down and strictly follow the direction indicated on the steel roll.

industrial wastewater storage tank Do not use forklift lift lift or steel wire rope direct hoisting, should use special lifting equipment, lest damage steel coil.

The freight car should be cleaned, industrial wastewater storage tank the wood should be made, rubber mat or special transportation tool to keep the steel roll stable and intact.

When the steel plate is taken, industrial wastewater storage tankmust not be pulled, or it will be scratched and scraped by a steel plate incision.

When loading and unloading steel plate industrial wastewater storage tank, handle with light, do not touch other hard objects.

When transporting, industrial wastewater storage tank cover the steel with rain cloth and prevent the rain from entering the steel rolls to produce white rust or other rust.

industrial wastewater storage tank design

Should be kept in indoor storage, the storage area should be kept ventilated, without corrosive gas, industrial wastewater storage tank should not be placed in the area of easy to be exposed and temperature difference, avoid the open stacking.

Temporarily stacking outdoor,industrial wastewater storage tank the product must cover the anti-rain cloth, so that the product does not directly suffer from the sun and rain. General outdoor storage should not exceed 10 weeks.

Do not pile up directly on the ground, industrial wastewater storage tank should put the wood or the rubber, the ground is flat, must not have the sand stone, in order to avoid the defects such as pressure printing in the outer ring.

Should not pile up too high, pile up level should be less than 2.industrial wastewater storage tank The product is wet or dew and should be immediately removed, dried quickly and used as soon as possible.

The storage area shall not be mixed with acid, alkali, salt and harmful gases. industrial wastewater storage tank Avoid long-term storage, maintain the principle of "advanced first out", and the color panel will have a slight color difference with the new product after too long time.


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