pig food silo

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pig food silo advantage

There are many ways to store pig food. Today we will talk about the advantages of enamel pots for pig food silo.

 pig food silo

An enamel plate granary, which is made up of an enameled steel sheet silo, is attached to the top piece of the enamel plate bin, and a layer of soft sealant in the middle of the interconnecting place of each storehouse piece and the top piece of the storehouse. There is a corner steel reinforcement in the outer junction of the lap joint, and the lap joint is installed by the stop bolt through the stacked bin. The hole or the top mounting hole and the angle steel reinforcing rib are fastened by the nut into one body. In the granary, the prefabricated pig food silo, the top piece of the barn are connected to each other and used in the form of stop bolt connection, and the installation requirements of fast and convenient and low consumption are achieved. The granary capacity can be selected and the position of the movable granary can be disassembled according to the actual requirements. Owing to the characteristics of enamel steel structural parts, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, fast installation, low cost, corrosion resistance, fire prevention and beauty.

pig food silo is generally used in the bulk cement storage of the concrete mixing station. The bulk cement storehouse is a closed storage tank for storing bulk materials. It is suitable for storing various bulk materials such as grain, cement, fly ash and so on. The tank is equipped with a material position system, which can show the position and how much of the material. The hole breaking device can remove the material sink. The stout caused by the accumulation of too long. The cement storehouse and the spiral conveyer pump can carry the material into every position. The tank is easy to install, safe and reliable is the ideal bulk storage tank for various mixing stations.

pig food silo is suitable for the storage bin of bulk cement in engineering construction, commodity concrete mixing plant, road and bridge water conservancy project, urban construction and other projects. It has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, preventing cement loss, reducing urban air dust pollution, small area, long service life, low cost and so on, which belongs to the national key popularized construction environmental protection machinery


pig food silo is usually used as a supporting product of concrete mixing plant (building).

Cement barn (tank) is suitable for bulk cement and dry fly ash. It has the characteristics of rain proof, moistureproof and easy to use, such as 50t, 100t, 200t, 300t, 400t, 500t and so on. It can also be made according to the size required by the user.

pig food silo is generally a cylindrical support structure, the upper part of which has the dust removal equipment to prevent the dust leakage, and the lower arch device is installed in the lower part to prevent the dust agglomeration and make the powder unloaded smoothly.

pig food silo generally use bulk cement conveyance to blow powder into the warehouse.

pig food silo is composed of silo body, powder dust removal system, gas path broken arch device, feeding pipeline system, electrical control system, underframe, guardrail and so on. The product can be used as a storage and matching equipment for cement and other kinds of powder in mixing station, mixing plant and other mixing equipment. The product is especially suitable for construction construction, hydropower, highway, port, airport, bridge and other engineering construction, large and medium concrete pre production plant and commercial concrete factory.

pig food silo is a cylindrical steel structure with a diameter of 2.8m. It is the main part of the storage powder in the cement storehouse, and it is also the carrier of the dust removal system, the arch breaking device, the material position meter and the climbing ladder.

The top of the pig food silo is equipped with an electric dust removal device, which can adsorb suspended particles in the warehouse and reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment. When dust is accumulated on the dust collector, the vibrating motor on the dust collector can be activated through the electrical control system to shake off the accumulated dust.

Food storage tank

Food storage tank

pig food silo

The lower cone of pig food silo is equipped with a gas blowing arching device, which uses the small electromagnetic reversing valve in the air control box to control the release of compressed air to carry out the broken arch of cement and various kinds of powder, so as to avoid the accumulation of powder and cause the clogging. The gas source can be provided by the gas circuit system of its auxiliary mixing equipment. The starting of the air blowing arch device is controlled by the supply time of the cement or other powder by the electrical control system, that is, the automatic air blowing arch can be blown automatically when the feeding time exceeds the setting time, and it can be manually controlled.

The feeding port of the pig food silo is connected with the inlet of the external equipment (powder conveying equipment) by the flange, and the discharge control valve is installed at the outlet, which can control the amount of the drop of cement or other powder.

A radio frequency capacitive position limit switch is installed in the upper and lower parts of the pig food silo, which can perceive the storage height of the material in the silo and reflect the storage of cement or other powder in the cement storehouse in time and accurately through the electrical signal.

The cement (fly ash) storehouse is transported to the silo by the feeding tube, and the height of the conveying is referred to as the "main technical parameter" part. The bulk cement or fly ash can be sent directly into the warehouse by the bulk cement truck.

The cement bin consists of the following parts: the steel structure part of the warehouse, the climbing ladder, the fence, the feeding pipe, the dust collector, the pressure safety valve, the high and low material position meter, the unloading valve and so on two, the structure cement bin (cement tank) is a cylindrical structure, the bottom is supported by four round pipe legs and the whole warehouse is all steel structure form. The top is equipped with dust remover and pressure relief valve. Three. Working principle

1. When the cement bin (cement tank) works, it must be set up by a special crane, then put on the prefabricated concrete foundation, and check the perpendicularity of the cement bin (cement tank) and the horizontal surface after standing up, and then soldering the bottom and the foundation.

2. After the storage bin is fixed, the cement truck is transported to the site by the bulk cement truck, then the transportation pipeline of the bulk cement truck is connected with the feed line of the cement bin (cement tank), and the cement can be transported to the cement bin (cement tank) through the gas pressure of the bulk cement truck.

3. In the process of transporting the cement in the storage bin, the operator should uninterruptfully press the button of the dust collector to vibrate the motor, shake off the cement attached to the bag of the dust collector, prevent the bag from being blocked, and burst the storehouse.

silo for chicken food

silo for chicken food

4. Once the bag is blocked and the pressure of the chamber pressure exceeds the safety pressure of the pressure relief valve, the pressure safety valve can open the pressure in the release chamber to prevent the occurrence of the explosion.

5. Warehouse height and shortage can be observed through high and low material level.


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