silo for chicken food

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silo for chicken food advantage

Silo storage technology has entered the industry for more than 30 years, but it developed very slowly in the early years. First, it is used in the soybean industry to store soybeans before pressing. Then the feed processing industry began to use silo for chicken food.

silo for chicken food

Over the past ten years, the rice and flour processing industry has also introduced this technology. However, in August 2007, the food company realized the technology of storing 650000 tons of wheat, which is a revolution in the history of silo storage technology.

Over the past ten years, this technology has increased by two digits every year. Not only the grinding industry has transformed their warehouses into silos, but also the government has regularly promoted the storage of wheat silos. However, although the total output of grain (wheat, rice, corn, soybean, barley, legumes and so on) is over 2.5 million tons, the current storage capacity of silos is less than 3 million tons. This indicates that there is still much room for development in the storage industry.

What are the competitive advantages of silo for chicken food versus warehouse storage? What are the problems that need to be faced with the use of silo storage technology? Can you give a brief introduction to its economic benefits?

silo for chicken food has many advantages, which are as follows:

1、The area is only 1/4 stored in the warehouse

2、the relative minimum of the waste of grain

3、The quality of stored grain is better because of pre cleaning and drying technology.

bolted silo for sale

bolted silo for sale

4、Lower total cost of storage

silo for chicken food is a technology that needs learning. If you follow the correct ROI, you will master it better. Investment silo for chicken food technology must take into account the following points:

1, if the storage time is longer than 1 months, the grain must be dried (less than 12%). But if it is kept for less than 1 months, the water content can be 13-14%. Prolonged storage of high moisture grains not only leads to infection of grains, but also reduces the quality of silos.

2 and warehouse are easy to build, but the establishment of silos requires experience. Other equipment such as lifts and chain conveyors are also part of silo storage.

3, if the storage requirement is less than 10000 tons, warehouse storage will be more cost-effective, but if more than 10000 tons, silos will be more economical.

4 and warehouse need a lot of manpower in unloading and loading grain, but silos only need a few technicians.

1, temperature measurement system. Through advanced grain temperature measurement system, the grain temperature in silos can be monitored continuously. Any sudden increase in grain temperature will lead to warning and timely rescue measures such as ventilation, fumigation, rotation and cooling.

2, ventilation system. Regular ventilation of grains can reduce the risk of infection.

3, fumigation system. Ventilation can only play a certain role in tropical temperatures such as India's long-term preservation of grain. However, if we want to ensure the quality of grains stored for 3-4 months, we can fumigate the grain.Handle.

4, cooling system. Another option for long-term grain preservation is cooling technology, which can reduce grain temperature by 12-15 degrees Celsius. Long term storage of 13-14% high moisture corn or white rice requires cooling system because ventilation and fumigation are not enough to ensure grain quality.

5. With the increasing demand of silo for chicken food technology, the establishment of factories in different geographical and climatic regions all over the world, the storage object also contains all the characters, and it is urgent to establish a silo for chicken food safe operation parameter rule.

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silo for chicken food

there are many kinds of foods, different in nature and different environments. Therefore, food storage must first familiarise itself with the characteristics of various foods. Understand the causes of food changes and take appropriate storage methods. Only in this way can the appearance (shape, color) of food be kept and the internal quality (texture, nutrition), prevent the cooking food from rotting, corruption, deterioration and so on, reducing unnecessary loss and avoiding waste.

cryogenic storage is a common method of storing cooking food. The main principle is to effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms by low temperature, reduce the activity of enzymes, reduce the chemical reaction in food, and keep the original flavor and nutritional value of the food.

high temperature storage method is the way to store food in food and beverage industry, because the ability of microorganism to endure high temperature is weak. When the temperature is raised, it can kill microorganisms effectively and destroy the activity of enzyme. It can prevent the effect of microorganism on food and achieve the purpose of storing food. The method is to boil the food through boiled water or steamed (high temperature above 100 degrees), take out or still use the original soup. Put it in a cool and ventilated place and do not stir to prevent the food from being re polluted. This method can make food not deteriorate for a long time. This method is applicable to the preservation of finished food products and semi-finished products of animal food, as well as food such as dry and dry goods.

ventilation storage method is mainly used for preserving food, dry food and dried foods. They are characterized by fear of mildew and fear of covering. For example, rice, noodles, peanuts, vegetables and other foods, in the storage of the need for ventilation. This can make mold not easy to grow, keep the original ingredients of food, reduce mildew.

smoke is a method of using the material of sawing, pine, slap, etc. to smoked food in the condition of incomplete combustion. The smoked food not only reduces the moisture in the food, but also has the wood tar and the antiseptic in the smoke and the surface of the food. It can prevent the bacteria from being born. Long, so as to achieve the role of preservative storage, the most common smoked products are smoked fish, smoked chicken, bacon and so on.

enamel assembled tank

enamel assembled tank

vacuum seal preservation method is one of the methods for sealing and preserving food, such as canned products, vacuum packaging, etc., to keep food in a vacuum and not contact with the microbes in the air. This method is suitable for the preservation of many kinds of food.


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